Monday, September 26, 2016

Busy Is Good!

The last 12 days have been so BUSY!

Well, as busy as days can be for a retired person. I've been retired for medical reason since 2007 but I never really thought of myself as retired. Tired maybe, but not retired!

These days have actually been busier for hubby, and my daughter then they were for me. I simply help out where I can to reduce the stress or have extra "Grand"ma time. I don't mind picking up the slack.

It also means I have been busy working in the garden everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 times.

Can I call it that now that things are finally growing?

Boy did I ever have the brown thumb before, but there are signs it is turning green. After all, I did have a pretty nice flower garden this year. I already knew the pumpkins were getting in late after they had that crazy start. Finally they are beginning to look like pumpkin plants. Out of the 18 started, so far 12 have survived the transplant. I also had a run in with white flies who were making themselves at home on some stems. Between the pest guy spraying around the area, I took to the internet to learn what else I can do. With a click of the mouse some soap and traps went into my Amazon cart and will be here Thursday. I LOVE Amazon Prime! Until then brushing them off  will have to do.

Did you know that they are attracted to yellow?

It might not seem like a lot to most, but for me, and with my limits, I am very happy of what I have accomplished. If the pumpkin plants don't produce any pumpkins or they are still small by our Boo Bash, I decided that each week I will be picking up 3-5 pumpkins from Walmart to fill in the pumpkin patch. With everything we learned this year will only make next years garden even better. There are still 2 planter boxes yet to be planted and I have two beds in front of the Gazebo to plant. I just got the soil turned over and soaking. Another turn over and they should be ready. Not sure what I will put in the beds by the gazebo. The boxes will be my salad boxes and I will head out to Yuma Nursery this week to pick up some starters. 

Did you know Yuma was the lettuce capitol of the world

Unfortunately all that busy stuff came with a price. Yesterday I cut a big chunk off the ball of my foot. Yes, BIG OUCH! Yes, I was bare foot! So today I have to stay off it as much as possible. Garden dirt and open wounds don't really get along. I know, I know, I've been told since I can remember to "Put on your shoes!" I usually do, but sometimes it's just a quick trip out to change the water. Now I'm changing bandages.

I guess that's one way to slow me down. It also allows me the time to catch up here and with others.

Did I ever show you the finished kitchen. Still can't. It's still in need of a dishwasher getting installed. Plus we wanted to update the base boards by the back door since the cast iron pans crashed off the wall a while back taking big gashes out of them. What this company wanted to charge to do it was, guess? "CRAZY!"

I won't even begin to update that experience. I signed a paper that their job was complete, with notes and wrote the final check!

It is now up to us to finish the transition pieces by the front door and install the dishwasher. Only hubby has been, you know, kind of busy!

I have gotten quite use to doing dishes by hand. Shouldn't be much longer.

For a break and to get me out and about, I went with hubby to the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge.

I learned they had a viewing area, so next month I now know where I will be hanging out while he does what he does, make good water. I learned it because on this trip I saw these...

Me and hubby couldn't figure out what they were. When I was on their Facebook page, I clicked on their photos and as I scrolled down, there they were. They are owl nest. The picture below was taken by Jennifer O'Neill in March of 2014.

Another now I know what I am going to watch for come next year. All the pictures of them were taken between January and April. I think it's time to explore more of Cibola and not just the Goose pond which is right below the water plant where I hang out. The nest we saw was down the road from there. We need to do the Goose Loop Road again. It's been a long time. From now on we should do it each time we go and we'll see what we can see. I can't wait. I LOVE owls!

Phew! I think that's enough for today.

It's getting kind of dark outside and a bit windy. Could we be getting some more rain?

Just what my garden needs.

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