Tuesday, March 13, 2012

20 of the 40 Days

How are doing with your fasting? We have reached the half way mark!

Around here it’s been going along great. Even while during the recent convention, I found ways to stay true to my fasting’s.

I have yet to sign in on Facebook. I did forget that my twitter was attached to it, but after one tweet I fixed that problem. And it happened on what was to be my Fast Noise Tuesday! While driving to Vegas, hubby was listening to his NASCAR on Sirius and Mark Martin was on. Well, I just had to see what he was talking about so I picked up my phone and went to my Twitter account. It has never been attached to my phone. But when I friended Mark Martin, I clicked both tabs, one being the text. I sent him a message and within the next 10 minutes my phone sounded like it was playing Jingle Bells. Then I remembered it was attached and quickly went on and reset my settings on following him. I also told my hubby, that had we not been on the road, I would not have been listening to the radio or Mark Martin and I wouldn’t have burped on my fasting.

However, NOISE, is winning around here. I have turned it off, only for someone else to turn it back on.

Other then that it is going great. I added more then an hour of Physical Activity this last Saturday by being at the Nationwide race in Vegas. LOTS of walking! Adding sleep on Thursday wasn’t a problem after walking to and from the convention on Wednesday. Which was also my personal contact day and I contacted with a number of people we hadn’t seen in a long time.

Yesterday wasn’t a perfect day. I didn’t make any purchases personally but did have to send my son too. The day began with news of the passing of a very dear MOM to me, my best friends mom actually, but she helped shape me into who I am today. So our daughter did all the leg work of making the arrangements for us to travel up for her celebration of life. It will be a somber trip of memories and tears.

God bless you all as we continue through the Lent season. Take time to reflect and pause for it really does help the healing.

Blessings, always blessings!

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