Sunday, March 11, 2012

On Cloud “9”

What does it mean to be “On Cloud 9”!
Does this answer the question…

Check out those dimples! 
They’re a definite give away.
Our Friday was full. 
So full we decided Hoover Dam was not going to fit into our schedule this trip. Bug, gramps and I headed to the track for the day, while Buttons went with the parents to visit family and play with their little girl.

The plan, to meet up for dinner. (I can’t wait to post about THAT. We had such a GREAT time and of course I tried to capture as much as I could.

Back to our day at the track. It was full of blessings.
First, while in line to buy tickets a gentleman came up to me asking if we needed tickets. Not sure how to handle this, ya know scalpers and all, I asked him to follow me to hubby. He tells him that they are good tickets, him and his wife are done for the day and they are FREE! So we graciously accept them. All we had to buy was a junior ticket for Bug. It was the worst sales rep we have ever met. Slow as a turtle doesn’t even come close to this guy. Bug and I had time to explore around while gramps stuck it out in line. Again blessings, because it gave him time to talk to other fans who have been at the track and he got the ends and outs of things. Plus it gave Bug and I time to hit the trailers, something gramps doesn’t always like to do.

But he does like to race the slot cars!



We made our way to the seats to enjoy an afternoon of qualifying and practice.

It wasn’t long before a bathroom break was needed. When Bug was taking longer then it probably should, I went to check on him. After I found him and business was taken care of, I wanted to inquire about this bracelet they had given him. So we stopped at the information booth.

The bracelet was for the Neon Garage.040
They had no idea why they gave him one but for me to go in was going to be $70. I was willing to buy me a ticket if it was good for the next day too but it wasn’t. It was only for the day and just couldn’t see spending it when there was only a couple hours left that it would be open and most the activities in the garage were over.


Being our first time, his first time, she excused herself to go talk to her boss, came back and said it was all arranged. They had radioed down to all the check points that 2 non-credentialed guest were coming through and we had full access through.


The excitement this little guy was feeling is indescribable. He has been wanting to go into the pits for a LONG time. At PIR, you have to be 18.


Our first stop was Tony’s garage. Unfortunately Tony had just left to get ready to qualify. Bug really wanted to tell him he is his #1 FAN!
We watched tech…

After we checked out other garages it was time to head to pit road!
Can you feel the anticipation that this little guys is feeling about now. He was not walking or even running off. He was not bugging to do anything else other then follow directions and the MEN to the pits! He was walking into an area where you have to be a BIG guy. He was sure to converse with others of this being his first time in the pits and they made sure he had a great experience. He felt so special!


After about an hour it was time to head to our seats to watch qualifying and in Bug style he cheered Tony on…..
I think this BIG guy will remember today for a long time!
He is “On Cloud 9” and I continue to count my Blessings!

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