Friday, March 9, 2012

The Wheels Are Turning!

At least for mobility but not so much my brain!

While I thought I had it all together, when I got down to the convention and met up with my daughter, I handed her my camera to take a picture of Buddy getting his first ride with grandma in the chair. Well guess who forgot to get the SD card out of the computer and put it back in the camera. So I have no pictures of the awesome afternoon we had.

The kids were so cute as they interacted with the trade show venders. I was so proud of the knowledge they already have on water treatment and I think the vendors were impressed as well.

Our future entrepreneurs?

We had the best time teaching them how to play Black Jack at one of the booth’s. It wasn’t the real thing but they didn’t care. Math was covered for the day and they got 21 a couple times to win prizes. Even grandpa joined us after his meeting. It was so fun! Though I miss not having actual pictures, I will hold the memories in my heart for ever.

After a day at the convention it was time for even more fun!

Hoping aboard the monorail we headed to the strip.

We went down to watch the NASCAR Parade of Haulers but first we went through M&M World.


Not all plans work out like we hope. Going to M&M World before the parade was not such a good idea. It was crowded. Within crowds are rude people. We made our purchases and got out of there.

Grandpa was not a fan of going into the store for the above mentioned reason. He instead found us some awesome seating for the parade, above the crowds and out of the cold.

Sure, I could have stayed outside and MAYBE gotten better pictures, or none at all. When your in a chair, people don’t always care that they are blocking your view. Some fans were really pushing the boundaries of proper behavior. It was best we were above them.

Unfortunately all my pictures had the glass glare and or reflections of people in them.


Bug was happy to poise with his favorite drivers fire suit. He even gave him a hug!


This morning me and the grand’s will hang out, maybe play some more Black Jack, while their mom and grandpa finish up their last day of break out sessions. They will be done a noon today and then me, gramps, Buttons and Bug will head to the track for qualifying. Then we will meet up again after for a tour of Hoover Dam and who knows what else we will find to do.

What happens in Vegas…a whole lot of fun!

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