Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Facing your LIONS! Your issues! Your Doubts!

Today began like any other day. The sun rose, my eyes opened, I made my way outside as I always do, turned on the baby monitor, opened up my computer and began my devotions.

I'm still rather flippy floppy on the routine. Someday's I just read the bible, other days I look for certain scriptures to lift me up and out of a rut, or help me see the blessings right before me. Where ever I go for this time, I always feel like it was Gods plan for me to find that place, so I embrace it.

Today was one of those bounce around days. I really feel like I am bouncing in a lot of directions and find doubt popping up and me questioning myself.

So I found this great site...Women's Ministry awhile ago and got myself reconnected to it again this morning. Seems after signing up for it, all the emails were going to my spam so I never saw them. Only when I saw my spam folder with lots of mail, lets say a few months, ok maybe it was really just a few weeks, but I thought I should dumb the bin. I always scroll down to make sure there is not mail there that shouldn't be and found ALL my emails from the Women's Ministry. So I marked them as NOT SPAM and I should get them daily in my regular box now.

Not to go back and read what I missed just yet, I clicked on today's video, "How to Live Beyond Our Doubts".

I love these 5 minute moments! This one fit right into my life. Yep, I have DOUBTS!

Right now I am overwhelmed with wonder I have doubts! I tend to compare myself to others and feel like I can't make the cut! And most of all I have been criticized so much that the doubts left behind now have doubts.

Then I clicked on one of my favorite speakers...Jennifer Rothschild.

Video Devotional: Face Your Lions
Facing your LIONS! Your issues! Your Doubts!

I hope Our Journey Through LIFE can help some else manage theirs. We've been on many roads and have travel more miles on some of them then we thought we would or could, but along the way, we are have been blessed and will continue to see the GOOD (GOD) beyond the bad.

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