Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lent Continues

Ok, so last week when I claimed 20 days, I was counting days that didn't count. It was actually 18 days. That makes today 24 days and 16 more to go.

My week was tested but my fasting won!

Most days I play it safe and stick to what I already have bookmarked for reading. Other days I search and discover other paths. Today I found this site by Ken Collins. Ministers all have a different way of preaching, some I can connect with, and other's not so much. I keep an open heart so if there is a message God wants me to hear or experience, He has a way in. I read his article or message...

Honest To God

I liked this paragraph and wanted to share it...

"The people of this world believe in the power of positive thinking and in happiness, and in believing these things, they are very shrewd. For people of this world have only the present moment, and if they are unhappy in it, they have lost something. But we who are Christians can endure unhappiness and sadness and loneliness and backstabbing and betrayal and friendlessness and poverty and hunger and thirst; we can face mourning and grief and even death, because Jesus faced all those things. As Christians, we know that Jesus’ suffering was His way to glory, and his Crucifixion was the door to His Resurrection. We know that He ascended on high and sits, alive and well, at the right hand of His Father, where He rules over all things. We can face our own crucifixions in life, because we know that we will share in His Resurrection on the Last Day!"

The sentence in bold reminds me of my favorite verse...

Philippians 4:13New International Version (NIV)

13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

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