Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ugh! Drugged and Drownin’

I constantly refuse to take drugs because I don’t  like how they make me feel. But sometimes, even I have to cave in and suck it up, or down.

I came down with a cold…I mean a COLD! I feel like I am drowning in mucus. Two other family members have had the same cold and eventually had to have antibiotic for a sinus infection and bronchitis. Of course I get the, “you need too’s” now. My first response was it’s only day one and began eating Day Quil and Night Quil. Though foggy headed I continued to get things done. I was out in the holiday shed over the weekend preparing to bring up the Easter décor when I felt it. I knew not to attempt another motion except to walk to the house, leaving the box behind. Hubby inquired as to what I was doing and all I was able to explain with is I just felt a pop in my back.

A pop in my back in not like someone with disc problems gets. I have that too and know that feeling, but this different. It happens when I have moved the muscles wrong where I have two large hemangioma tumors on each side of my lower back. I can feel them pop, pull away, detach, what ever you want to call it. And believe me it HURTS!

I’ve learned not to rush to the ER because the cost out weighs the benefits. I just need to wait it out, rest, eat what little pain meds I can, and pray it stops.

Add that to this COLD which now has my ears plugged, along with thick, thick crud, 5 days later…I just might need antibiotic’s too!

However slow I am moving, things still need to be done. Each morning as I made breakfast I cracked open my eggs with the this old Pet Milk can opener. Some use an opener for soft boiled eggs but I don’t have one of those. This worked just fine.


After a week I now have 5 ready for the next steps.


In case you wonder what I am doing I got the idea from Not Martha.







I’m not sure how mine will end up.

Will I do them Martha Stewart’s way…


The Not Martha way, or my own way.

I’m not sure myself.

Our travel plans have changed again and just not sure exactly how I am going to pull all this off but with a little ingenuity it will work out. 

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