Monday, April 9, 2012

I Will Survive!

I mentioned before our travel plans had to be changed. Not only did we have to make it to Napa, California for the Memorial for Mama Dixie, we also had a detour that took us through New Mexico to Denver…


then across Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada before we made it to California.





My head got worse…my ears totally plugged and the altitude didn’t help at all!

On top of that, our trip to Denver was not for pleasure. I absolutely dislike custody battles. What is wrong with some of the women now a days? Just like another we deal with, this lady’s choices brought with it the consequences she is facing right now. A hair follicle drug test should clear everything up, however, people that partake in such things find ways to get a clean test. I hope that doesn’t happen in this case. A precious life depends on the truth!







Once done with the sad business in Denver we had to leave abruptly for the memorial. With snow prediction ahead we took a route that didn’t take us directly over the Rockies.  Driving 18 hours straight through each person driving 6 hours to get us there on time.

Due to all the detours, no computer access (actually there was some available, I just didn’t feel like getting on it), I finished up my last week of my Lent fast with my Bible. I felt great that I made it through lent as I promised God I would.

Everyone was asking when I would get back FB. They missed me! They missed seeing the life I share. And I missed seeing what everyone was up too. Will FB be at the top of my list again. Maybe, maybe not! I updated some pictures, played a few games, and went right back to what I enjoyed while off, reading, writing, editing, and life in life! It takes to much time away from more important things. So for now, FB will take a back burner, while our lives are upfront cooking away.

We did make it home just in time for Easter.

However I got really sick the day before we were to travel home. Another cyst, this time on my tailbone, knock me down and out. Literally! As I laid there all I could do was think of all that needed to be done once I got home. Fortunately I purchased all the basket stuff before we left. All I had to do was create them, finish the chocolate eggs I was trying to do, personalize some hollow chocolate eggs, arrange the egg hunt (the Grand’s wanted clues) decorate and set the table,  hide the eggs, cook brunch, clear away brunch, prepare dinner, etc.….it was just way to much for this sick lady!

My daughter pulled together the egg hunt. Hubby went shopping for food and flowers. Son-in-Law cleaned the beach and lawn area. Hubby cooked brunch. It was great to have so much help.























I will survive!

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