Sunday, October 13, 2019

31-Days of Five-Minute Free Writes Challenge ~ Reach

The word prompt for day thirteen of the 31-Days of Five-Minute Free Writes...Reach.


I think I have reached the point were everything I needed to get down on paper, oh more like written on the laptop, have been put into place and make more sense than they did when I started. I still have my many, many notebooks of the thoughts all jumbled around from page to page that made no sense until the order it eventually has gotten to. I never thought, or maybe I didn't want to consider how long it would take. How haunting it was at times to face those ghosts I had tucked away in boxes, neatly stacked on a closet shelf. 

There is still more work to be done, along with other decisions such as a title and cover, before I am ready to make that call. A call that can reach down and chill me to my bones. I am not afraid of rejection, and that is a possibility, but it's more like what changes will they want me to make? Would they want me to change the title? Will I be able to handle someone else having control of something that is so much a part of me?

Sometimes I reach that point where...


...I begin telling myself I am in over my head! As often as that word "doubt" appears on my pages, it runs through my mind even more. I believe it might just be here to stay! We'll see. As I see it, doubt has not only hindered me; it has helped me as well. It might just be what helps me reach the place I am heading. 

For October, I'm participating in Kate's 31 Days of Five-Minute Free Writes. I will be sharing our journey through life, one day at a time using the prompts provided.

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