Friday, April 19, 2019

Five-Minute-Friday ~ Next

Each week I join Kate's Five-Minute-Friday link-upThe rules remain the same,  each week write for five minutes, using the prompt  Kate provides, no editing, no overthinking it, just write raw then link up to her blog. I like to visit the other writer's blog to read what they wrote, but only after I have written mine. What I love and find interesting is how there are so many different thoughts written on one word.

The timer is set...


Oh, what next!


What was supposed to be routine surgery, in and out the next day, has been anything but!

Next up, the interventional radiologist will be doing a procedure where they will vacuum out the clot refusing to dissolve. I found this AngioVac procedure that describes what he had told us. Of course, after reading up on it, I have a few more questions for him next week.

With God watching over us, all I can do is be thankful in prayer that with every what; next, there is a solution.

While waiting for hubby to be called back, I was reading about Norte Dame, and all the donations pouring in. Pictures of what it once looked like. Memories were shared of those who had visited, to those whose Parrish was deeply affected.

Along the sidebar were ads and additional websites that were linked to other sites with more information. One had caught my eye; it was for Good Friday...

As I read, it immediately had me flashing back to my years in Catholic School, and the "Stations of the Cross." The smell of the incense, the clanging of the chain, the puff of smoke that would come out of the chamber as it clanked against the chain, blessing each station...

Last night when I learned of the prompt for today's writing, what was next for Jesus was walking with the weight of the world as a cross, each station, depicting His next step..falling, getting back up, not once but three times. Being nailed to it, mocked and stabbed, then dying on the cross....all of a sudden, my worries of next week became a grain of sand in comparison.

My thoughts became His.


When something like this happens, I can become obsessed with searching the internet until I find what my heart is trying to remember. 

Then I found them...

..the pictures that are similar to those embedded in my thoughts and are still in my heart. God just needed to remind me of them. And of why, so I would stop worrying, trust and believe that whatever happens next, will always be for His glory. 

His steps, became our next steps that day.

  1st Station: Jesus is condemned to death
  2nd Station: Jesus carries His cross
  3rd Station: Jesus falls the first time
  4th Station: Jesus meets his mother
  5th Station: Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry his cross
  6th Station: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
  7th Station: Jesus falls the second time
  8th Station: Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
  9th Station: Jesus falls a third time
10th Station: Jesus clothes are taken away
11th Station: Jesus is nailed to the cross
12th Station: Jesus dies on the cross
13th Station: The body of Jesus is taken down from the cross
14th Station: Jesus is laid in the tomb


  1. This is a lovely post! It's so true, remembering the cross and God's love for us really does put things into perspective and remind us that we can trust him with the other things that concern us. Easter blessings to you! Visiting from FMF#4.

  2. Glory to God. Amen.

    Blessed Easter!


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