Friday, April 26, 2019

Five-Minute-Friday ~ Touch

Like clockwork, each week I join Kate's Five-Minute-Friday link-up. The rules remain the same,  each week write for five minutes, using the prompt  Kate provides, no editing, no overthinking it, just write raw then link up to her blog. 

I like to visit other writer's blogs to read what they wrote, but only after I have written mine. I want to write my own thoughts without being distracted by others point of view or direction for the weekly word. What I love and find interesting is how there are so many different thoughts written each week on that one word.

First, I want to take some time to thank you all for the prayers. Yesterday's removal of the blood clots went spectacularly! He's not a fan of the compression socks though. This doctor was puzzled as to why they hadn't requested their use before now. Which is probably why we were where we were!

As I always like to say, "we wouldn't have met who we did, had the journey not have a bump in the road!"

The timer is set...


During my devotions earlier today, which by the way are a bit off kilter with hubby's schedule lately, some of my messages got overlooked, like this message from Jennifer Rothschild that showed up on my newsfeed. 

I've been following her for ten years now. Her Bible Study, Me, Myself, and Lies... a thought closet makeover back in 2009 was one of my first studies. In that study, she walked me through putting some of my most profound thoughts of myself where they belonged. 

When I clicked on it, the first thing I noticed was the date this podcast was from February 14, 2019. I don't remember seeing it back then, but for reasons only God knows, it showed up today!

The term "Sandpaper People" caught my interest though, so I clicked on it.

After listening to it, and knowing what our word was for this week, my thoughts just took off.

Sandpaper comes in many grades, sizes, and shapes. To touch them, some are coarse, able to grind at things while others are a fine grade, the finisher in a project. Its the last step before the final project receives its coat of paint or stain, kind of like it's armor. Sandpaper people can touch our lives in so many ways also, and in so many ranges from coarse to fine. I have had some around me at one time or another. Which is where my thoughts had so abruptly gone. But I wasn't the one being rubbed the wrong way!

I'm so embarrassed to admit this, but there was a time in my life where I was a sandpaper person!

Knowing I touched someone else's life in that manner, not only hurt them but God. I was ashamed of my behavior. Instead of pausing when I had been rubbed the wrong way, or a nerve had been touched, or even a quick tongue remark, I would rub back, lash out with my words. My sarcasm was not necessary, nor more than theirs. Call it a defense mechanism, or a touché, but for reasons I won't go into at this time, that was the armor I wore.



Completely forgot about the timer. I actually jumped!

...I had completely dedicated and surrendered my life to Him did I see the error of my ways. Though with what I thought were good intentions, my conflicts didn't begin or end with Him back then.

Starting with my thought closet and ending with my heart, I worked my butt off to be better than that sandpaper person. I want those who I touch in my life to remember me as someone who spread seeds of love and encouragement, faith and hope, and most of all the ability to share the words of our Father.

Can I Be Kind to Sandpaper People? [Episode 23]

Can I Be Kind to Sandpaper People? [Episode 23]  jpg
So, my answer to that question is a big YES!

Yes, I can and always will be nice to any sandpaper person because I know how it feels to be given a seed instead of a thorn.

If it makes God happy, it will surely make them happy!

See ya' next week...


  1. You are not that sandpaper person anymore, dear. Thank you for your words of encouragement by spreading His seeds of love.

    Teresa K. Lasher

    1. I love sharing seeds of all kinds...watching them grow, it's a whole other blessing!

  2. Oh, I can so relate to sandpaper people and working on *not* being on myself. Thank you for sharing!!

    FMF Linkup #45

    1. Your welcome and thank you for stopping by.

  3. First I've heard of Sandpaper People, thanks for sharing!
    Visiting from FMF #46 this week.

    1. I've known a few, I just didn't know there was an actual name.


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