Saturday, March 23, 2019


It's like this weeks word was selected just for us!

Since I am writing from my bed at the beautiful Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, with a view of the harbor, taking advantage of the quiet morning, it was the perfect time to check in with FMF.

Timer set, and GO!

We wouldn't be where we are without relying on Gods direction. 

His reward for my faithfulness, is us being here, in beautiful San Diego to receive our 25 year Service Award. (I've mentioned hubby enjoys my faith, but he's not on the same page as me or in the same book. My book is the Bible, and his is Hot Rods, LOL! It's just how we roll, and God is all over it!) 

It's okay, cause I keep planting seeds in him, and over the years I have seen some pretty impressive growth, which always brings us closer. 

If only we had known during those hard times what the reward would be. 

God doesn't work that way though. We are to be patient, continue to be stewards of His words, share our journey, our hopes and even our hurts will bring the rewards. Until we take that path, experience it's purpose, can we look back and see exactly what God had planned and why. 

Even as we draw near to the end of this stage, I see His hands in everything. To see the energy our daughter has to take our business to the next level, excites me in a way that I continually am praising Him for this journey.

We wouldn't be where we are without Him.

Our daughter planted those seeds 30 years ago at the age of ten. Seeing her growth through a devasting situation, I asked to be introduced to Him. Being raised Catholic during the '60s and '70s never got me this close. I will always appreciate that early learning, my wandering to other churches because it was where this journey really began. Meeting my hubby at the peak of that craziness, was His doing, and I believe He put the love in us without us knowing.

"Thank you, Jesus" come out so much. For we don't get to the Father without Him.


It was a bit longer than five minutes.

There is a full day of break-out sessions, some sightseeing or castle building with the "Grand's," so it's time to get the day started...

See you next week!

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