Thursday, February 7, 2019

Check This Out!

A friend shared the link below yesterday.

I should announce that in no way, shape or form am I getting paid to write this post.

I just want to share something that is so convenient for us.

Walking the grocery store is getting harder, and the scooters they offer aren't always available or charged. When Walmart started their shopper program, at first, I was reluctant to have someone else pick my protein or produce. Other staples I am okay with, but by the time I get what I need in the online shopping cart, either no times were available till the 5-6pm slot or later, or pick a time for the next day. I would just go myself and get through it. It's worked great a couple of time and set up so hubby would stop on his way home.

We liked the delivered meals. They came with everything needed to create a dinner that could be served at a fancy restaurant, and splurging once a month was like going out to dinner 3 times for a lot less. With the recipe cards sent with it, we can cook any of the meals we had delivered anytime we want. We can't get them through the summer though. Try as we might, no matter what, our brutal heat just isn't avoidable! The ruined meals, wilted vegetables, wasn't fair to the company that they pay for the loss when we can schedule the times to fit, avoiding the hassle.

Now there are Emeals. It's similar to the delivered meals we've done, but they don't send you any food. Instead, you pick which meal or meals you want to have, the ingredient list is then sent to the grocery store of your choice, or they can be printed out. I like the stores that do the shopping for you, like Target, Walmart, Sprouts, Fry's, Ralphs, and others.

Since we keep meat, poultry, and pork stocked in the freezer, all I needed to do was pick the meals we wanted to try using what we had. We do this shopping once a month, usually at Albertsons, and buy the family size packages. It is then divided up accordingly into either the seal-a-meal pouches or quart size freezer bags. The problem we are having is I take something out, and the question is always asked, "How do we want to cook this...?"

Now we have another option.

For my first shopping experience, things went reasonably well.

To have everything I need, I sent a list to Walmart, and hubby picked it up on his way home. Then I realized I goofed and didn't do something correctly, and had to create a second list. A senior moment cleared, and I realized the company Instacart, that is on the website, is Sprouts. Shopping with Sprouts is fantastic! Now I can continue to shop there for my produce and such, and it even has a delivery service, win, win! I created another of the things I missed, and within an hour all the produce and deli meats had been delivered.

Over the next two weeks, I have everything I need to create some excellent meals, and I never stepped into a store!

Here are my picks:
      Madeira Pork and Mushrooms                                 Smokey Chicken Carnitas

          Italian Turkey Meatballs                                   Sheet Pan Salmon and Brussel Sprouts   

Chipotle Pork Chops                                   Tuscan Chicken

Chicken Saltimbocca

Our journey through life isn't changing to a food blog. Just passing along some good food to make along with it.

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