Saturday, February 4, 2017

Welcome February

A little bit of sunshine, it's more like a lot for us down here in the southwest! Since Punxsutawney Phil  saw his shadow, we all know that means 6 more weeks of winter. Here it means 6 more weeks of 70 degree weather for us. So sorry for you'll that actually have a winter and get tons of rain and snow, brrrrrrr! Some areas have been hit pretty hard and I pray that you'll are warm and safe. I would much rather shovel sand then snow, and wear less to stay cool then to bundle up to stay warm.

We've had some cold days too! A few have actually been below 40 in the wee mornings and then would slowly creep up at a snails pace to the mid 60's, if we're lucky. That cold north wind can tear right through. Lately our days have been in the 70's though, which leaves me wishing I had the ability to get out in the yard and get a few things done.

Seems I have over done it one to many times and I'm back in physical therapy. It's going to take a few weeks before I will be able to put a foot on a shovel. In the mean time, hubby and nephew are getting things under control for me. I had gotten my flower beds cleaned out and even planted some more flowers before this happened. Putting around will be my mode for a while. At that pace I can still get things accomplished. Getting something done, somehow, is better then doing nothing.

On top of that I had to have more labs done to see if an increase in my heart medication is needed. My blurry vision appears to be a result of some high blood pressure. Never have I had to take a pill get it lower before I could leave his office. Never have I been so alarmed by his concern and words of caution. I was just as alarmed that it was 171/110. I surely didn't feel like it was that high. It was just my regular 3 month appointment. Nothing new. I guess there was or is something going on. Next week should bring some answers.

I know my goal for this year is to go on more adventures. Be around good energy. Learn new things. I guess it can include a detour in the health area. There is always an adventure when we travel on that path. We're always around good energy and I will learn new things to adapt to my new abilities.

Boy did January go by fast though. It felt so good to get out and about. It seems to have made the month of January just fly right on by!
Time Flies.........
....When Your Having Fun!  

This "Grand" is like no other!

Lately he's been having fun playing the UPS guy! He has one of those ride on power toys, so I tied an old Coke crate to his "motorcycle". I have an assortment of Amazon boxes that fit perfect in the crate. Papa was working in the garage and he would take him a box, ask if he had one to ship out. Papa would put another box in his crate and he would drive it back to me. He wouldn't drive the same route either way. Pretending he's going through the mountains. A puddle was a river. It's been his new thing to do when he comes. He even parks it next to my car in the carport.

Time Flies.....

....But not the memories!

Any time the "Grand's" are here the time can fly right on by, but it always leaves behind the best memories. I just love capturing each and every one of them. This is one of the stray cats that has adopted us. He/she loves to give and get loveys. He/she thinks Braxton is pretty cool too! We captured a few a couple years ago when there were a number of kittens born in our storage area. This cat could have been from one of those liters as we're not sure we got them all. I don't mind having a couple around though. They help with the mice that love the country too. Our two neighbors are these little old ladies who love feeding them, so I don't see them leaving anytime soon.

Speaking of time flying. 13 years have flown by creating so many treasured memories with this beautiful and extraordinary young lady.

Each year filled my heart with so much love.
All included her wonderful giggles. 
The kind of giggles you hear in your heart every time you think of her.
She is growing up right before our eyes!
I love her creativity. I have and will always cherish the art she has made for me. Remember, this is the little girl who made up puppet shows for her brother and sister. She loved playing school and teaching them all things she had learned. 
All of these memories fill my heart with so much love, it overflows with JOY!

Both of these young ladies turn 13 this year and just 6 weeks apart. They've always had a special relationship since their earlier years when they got to see each often. Now that they are growing up, their interest, school schedules, parents work schedules, limit their time for visits. Making the time when they get together even more special.

Happy 13th Birthday to the most amazing and beautiful granddaughters. 

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