Monday, February 6, 2017

Life Just Happens!

Yes it does!

Friday was no exception!

It doesn't matter if you're on your 'A' game or not! When you get a call of "Help!" you dig deep and pull out your 'B' game to do the job.

Besides grandma being on light duty, her mom had been running around with Girl Scout Cookie sales. It was the end of a long day and they had just arrived home to begin dinner. The minute they got out of the car they could hear the screams!!!! My daughter knew what that sound was and raced to the back to find Chloe in labor. When she called me for help I could hear her myself. By the time I got there she had just given birth. Not knowing what to expect since it was my first time experiencing this, I let my granddaughter lead the way. She did an awesome job. She said it looked like there might be another one. When mamma started contracting again, she grabbed the first baby to continue cleaning it up, while her mom got the warming lights up and baby crate in place. It wasn't long before the second kid was born. Cool twins, just like last year.

Other then the many words of encouragements, all I could basically do was to be the go-for girl with some minor raking and sweeping as gingerly as possible. It was dark and that was not helping the situation. When things began to run smoothly, I thought we should at least try to get some picture. Unfortunately I ran, okay so I didn't actually run, out of the house, forgetting my phone and my camera. My daughters phone, as with the granddaughters, were both dead. Her hubby came home with some supplies and had a phone but by then I was on my way home. Oh well, we'll just take some in the morning. Plan was to go back over and help with getting the pen and the area around it in shape.

Last year her two goats birthed weeks apart. It allowed her the time to get things all cleaned up and be comfortable before the second one or ones arrived. Chloe had hers first, and had twins then too. While Brook only had one a few weeks later. Thinking the same thing could happen this time our plan was to help the 4-Her get her pens under control starting the very next morning.

Well, I got a phone call bright and early the next morning saying Brook was now in labor! SURPRISE! By the time I got there she had already given birth, and just like last year, she only had one also.

With gloves, rakes, and brooms in hand, the three generations of women got that pen all cleaned out and ready for the new arrivals. We even got it baby proofed. By the time I left some 4 hours later, I was so wiped out, but so thrilled with the jobs we all did. Those moments will now hold a place in my heart for years to come.

Oh, I did get some pictures.....

 Just another adventure on "Our Journey Through LIFE!

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