Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Not The Adventure We Were Expecting!

PT is torturous but "No Pain, No Gain!" so they say.

I understand and except the challenge, it's just I'm not sure if the outcome will be what she thinks it will be. I on the other hand will accept what ever we get. Today we tried working some muscles that haven't worked in sometime and will only work when she helps move them. Still the tightness being stretched hurts and I take it as far as I can until I can't. We also worked on the abdomen muscles which really sent me over the top!

I was excited when it was over and heading home. A shower and lunch would regenerate me. I wasn't as excited once I got home though. As I stepped out of my car I could hear water spraying. I looked around and didn't see anything until I passed the fence blocking my view of the well.

Yep, the well had become a fountain!

No pictures of the water spraying as I was more worried about the flash flood that had obviously been pouring out for some time. I needed to get the pump turned off. I should know this, didn't I just learn that. No that was the water shut off valve, not the power switch. I looked around the post where the power was coming from the well but there was not switch. In that moment all I could do was call for assistance. The more it gushed out, the more the casing was being washed away. The bladder tank was now tilting and about to fall over.

With a call out, the son-in-law was the first to arrive and he got the water turned off. Oh my, what a muddy mess! So thankful it didn't flood out the neighbors garage. He recently had a stroke and they didn't need to be a part of our mess.

My well water is so bad, that in 18 years this is what it does to a steel pipe casing. 

When hubby got here he had to secure the pump, then get to work to remove the old concrete that is a foot thick around the casing.

I got to drive the truck once he got the chain around the big chunks.

We could only get the two out because when we tried to remove more, the casing kept crumbling. So we had to stop until "Chuck" our well guy showed up.

"Chuck" to the rescue!


 All he could get done for us at the time was get the pump out of the hole, and come back later to reset it. He came off another job to do that for us. We so appreciated it.

Hubby got the new case in place and our employee dug out the rest of the concrete. He decided since it was getting late he would plumb a hose bib on the main line so he can at least hook it up to the neighbors water if "Chuck" didn't make it back.

"Chuck" was hoping to make it back but the sun set.

No problem. We're cool, we've got this!

My hummingbirds were flying around me this evening. I just froze. Then I got my first hummingbird pictures of the year.

With a goal of more adventures this year, it looks like they all won't be road trips or day trips. Some of them just might be happening around the house! That's okay too.

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