Thursday, February 9, 2017

Yet Another Adventure!

Of course the week just couldn't end without yet another adventure!

This time my car decided it was time for some attention. Sure she is getting older, a "Sweet 16" to be exact. I love my Explorer! She's been a big part of my journey. With some tender care from our mechanic she will be ready to explore and take me on adventures again. Just not today!

I should have known the day was going to be a whopper!

First, I woke up around 4 AM because it was stuffy. I keep my ceiling fan on low to move air. Only it wasn't on! I noticed my night lights weren't on either. Setting up to look outside, I see it's not just me, the neighbor didn't have a porch light on either. It was pitch black out, except for the full moon shining a beam across the lawn.

I notify the power company that there is an outage in my area. It must have just happened as they had no other reports. That sounds about right since most others are probably asleep. Plus the house clock was only 18 minutes different then my phone. I later learned that there were poles down. Not uncommon for the road that runs past my property. Some drivers just won't slow down! Eventually one will lose control and the power poles tend to stop them from going into the canal. I hadn't heard any sirens though, so I wondered what was the scenerio happening here.

First no water, now no power!

Came back on just before I had to leave for PT.

As I left I was able to see where the problem was and it looks like they have it under control.

(I will insert a photo here once on my laptop. Can't seem to be able to add the one I want from my phone. Still learning how these devices share with each other and I'm not getting an 'A' in the class!)

After PT things were going great until I got back home. While trying to do some writing, the power kept going on and off. Figured they were doing their job and since my niece needs assistance it was a good time to finish my errands. Out the door I went again.

My last stop was the post office. Up until then things were moving along on schedule. That is till I tried to start my car. It barely started and felt like it was starving for fuel. Tried it four more times before a call for help went out. Thankful the post office is just around the corner from our shop as it took my daughter less then 5 minutes to get there. With a call into roadside service we left the car there to run back home to fill the Flat Rate box. We were able to get back in time to mail the package and meet the tow truck. Wouldn't you know, he started it with no problem. What the heck!

Since he was already there and I know for a fact something is wrong I still had him tow it. He actually wanted me to drive it to the mechanics and he would follow. I don't think so!

TGIF can't come soon enough!

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