Friday, February 24, 2017

Las Vegas Bound!

Did I mention we will be going to Las Vegas for the NASCAR races? 
I don't think I actually wrote about it, but I did post a picture on my 365 A Year blog.

I am so excited!

Haven't been to a race in Vegas since 2012. In fact, I think that was the last time we were even in Las Vegas.

We should be there in time for the Parade of Haulers. Only this time we should already be at the track hoping to see them drive in instead of down the strip. Since it will be our first time RVing at LMS (that's Las Vegas Motor Speedway) there will be a learning curve, so we will just have to take it step by step.

On Friday we have tickets to the Kolbart Cookout! This should be a lot of fun. A couple of drivers will be there, one being Jimmie Johnson, WAHOO! We love attending these type of functions. Can't wait to see what it is all about. Hoping for another autograph.

I've been searching for things we can do outside of the track but show times seem to interfere with race times and traffic. I think this time we are just going to wing it and see what happens.

With Daytona this weekend, the opportunity to go slipped right on by. Between illness and business, there was just no way to we could be gone for 2 weeks or more at this time. Maybe next year. It is part of the Bucket List, along with other races, we just have to get all the logistics worked out. We met a couple last year at the Phoenix race who just did a 5 month NASCAR tour. I think they said they made it to 15 of the 36 races. That's about how many are on our list. They gave us some great tips and can't wait till that journey gets to happen. For it to happen, hubby will probably need to fly back and forth for business, but I think I can handle him being gone for a few days. All we can do is make the best plans we can and let God do the rest.

The other day I learned my sister would be traveling through Vegas 2 days after we leave. Bummer! Would have been nice to see her. They'll be heading to the Grand Canyon. Her chances of seeing snow at the canyon are good. It is so beautiful covered with a blanket of snow.

 Picture never serve it justice.

I shared with her the information on the Sky Walk. If you ever get a chance, it's a must do. From the Hoover Dam it takes just over an hour and half to get there. From the Las Vegas Strip it will take you just over 2 hours. Plan to spend at least 2 hours for the tour and soaking up the canyon views and culture. From the Grand Canyon it will take about 4 hours to drive there.

 Yes, it was really freaky walking on glass. It was also very cold. The formation behind us and in the first picture is called the Eagle in Flight Formation.

Just another adventure to look forward to on Our Journey Through LIFE!


  1. Hi Elizabeth,lots of lovely pics,glad you had a lovely time.

  2. Thank you. And thank you for visiting.



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