Monday, February 20, 2017

It's Monday!

It's also President's Day!

But you already knew that didn't you!

Well, our 5 year old grandson is just learning about it! Everyday in fact he is learning something and it is just so cute how he shares it.

"He makes my heart sing, he makes everything, GROOVY!"

Do you SnapChat?

He loves to send me silly pictures. I asked for him to send me one of him as President Lincoln for President's Day but he wasn't in the mood to Snap or Chat!

Hubby was taking his time to head off to work today, so I asked him if we could be snowbirds for the day and do what they do? I guess it wasn't going to fly, as he went on up.

What are your President's Day plans?

Guess I'm doing housework!

Not the adventure I was hoping for, but it must be done!

Happy Monday!

UPDATE: Look who finally sent me a Snap!

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  1. Thanks for your visit today and I'm glad you found my War Room! The power of prayer is amazing!! Nice to meet you!



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