Saturday, February 18, 2017

Day-Trip to Ajo and Organ Pipe

I hope your not getting too tired of reading about the adventures we get to experience. I mentioned last month that this year was going to involve as many as we could. At least we were hoping we would, and so far, 2017 has given us some of those adventure already. Some have been extraordinary, while others were kind of unplanned. Thursday was a planned day landing us in a place that's further south then we are!

Probably 15+ years ago, hubby built a system for a store way down in Ajo, AZ. The customer was able to keep up on their own changing of the filters, and the system has worked like a champ all these years. When he got a call last week that the system needed some attention I knew I wanted to go along. Last time we went I don't even remember if I even took a camera. I do remember us saying we should go back, and I was reminded why yesterday.

It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!


It's the perfect time of year to visit a place that can be somewhat hot for a quarter of the year. I read one quote, "It's so hot your skin hurts!" Ain't that the truth! However when I did some research I learned it doesn't get as HOT as Yuma. Average temps are...

Yep, Yuma does get a bit hotter! It doesn't seem like by much though. Maybe that's because they are at 1757 elevation and we're only 152.
I'm sure when we have those super hot days here when the temps can reach upwards of 115-125, theirs won't be that far behind. Thankful those days don't last long, and that San Diego is a mere 2 and a half hours away for us.

Either place, when it's that hot, it's miserable! I won't lie.

So Why, AZ?

The unusual name comes from the fact that at one time, two major highways (Highway 85 and Highway 86) intersected in a Y. The spot became known as "The Y," and the spelling was changed when residents petitioned for a post office. At the time of the town's naming, Arizona law required town and city names to have at least three letters, so the town founders decided to name it Why because they could not just call it Y. Eventually, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) changed the intersection to more of a T-shape because of safety concerns, thus the name is part of the town's history more than its current state of affairs.

We wondered the same thing! Why would anyone live way out here?

How about the views!

Once again we vowed to go back. This time we visited the Organ Pipe National Monument, the Visitors Center, checked out the campsites, picked up information on things we want to do when we do go back and stay longer. All of it has been added to the Bucket List Book!
When you drive as far south as you can without crossing the border, you have no choice but to drive back out the way you came. Usually I don't like retracing my journey and try to make a circle back to home. That wasn't possible this time. Unless you want to go left to Tucson. That's always a possibility for another trip!

I will always find the JOY on Our Journey Through LIFE, that is made up of so many ADVENTURES!

I wonder what's next?

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