Friday, August 19, 2016

Tovrea Castle

Monday was my annual appointment in Phoenix.

Afterwards we had some time to do a little exploring.

I read an article from azcentral that there are 3 castles in the Phoenix area, I immediately plugged their information into my phone just waiting for the opportunity to arise.

The 3 castles are The Tovrea Castle, The Coperhaven Castle, and The Mystery Castle.

We had the time to at least find one of them this time.

Tovrea Castle was built by Alessio Carraro and his son starting in 1928 and finishing it in 1930. His vision was to develop the desert with a resort and a subdivision called Carraro Heights. Unfortunately trying something like this during the depression, financial stresses caused the sale of the hotel and a portion of the property in 1931 to E.A. Tovrea, who then died less then a year later. E.A. wife lived in the castle until her death in 1969.

We weren't able to take the tour as it is only open Fri/Sat/Sun, September through June, and closed July/August. Just our luck, right. It is highly recommended that you book a reservation well in advance as they will sell out and "walk-in" tours "might be" considered based on availability.

Maybe we'll try again, or just look for the others next time up. We just never know where Our Journey Through LIFE will take us next, but we sure do enjoy the journey and love being surprised by were we end up sometimes.

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