Saturday, August 20, 2016

Another "2 WEEKS"!

It could possibly be even longer then that with the track record they have going right now!.

I wonder if all their jobs are this unorganized or the lack of knowledge on how to make it right?

Finally the owner of the company came out and he was able to adjust things better, and I will just have to live with the now smaller gap between the stove and counters.

It's better then the half inch gap that was there. I walked away when they couldn't decide how to fix the problem. "Every time I walk in here and see that gap, I am going to think of your company and not in a good way!" A half hour later, after much banging, they figured it out and got it as good as they could. I can't help but say, "I told you so!" Had you removed the counter and cabinets separately like they should have been, this wouldn't be an issue now. I was shocked to hear him ask how the cabinets had been removed. We had to explain to him how they did it. Then for him to say how impressed he was that they moved this huge bank of cabinets and granite as a whole, I couldn't help but add, "Had they done it right from the beginning we wouldn't be dealing with these issues we are, yet again." It also confused me because the foreman made comments a few times that he was in contact with him. Seems that wasn't the case.

The owner left saying the guys would be back that afternoon to finish the grouting. Of course the foreman calls a couple hours later that they had to order the grout and would be Friday before they will get back. Really? "We bought it at Home Depot, it was a standard color?" His response was that they have changed shades and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I finally said fine and ended the call. I will not be able to believe what he says from now on. And guess what? He never showed up Friday, nor did he call that he wasn't. No one has called about the flooring either.

I can tell the foreman really doesn't like dealing with me. His perception of my home being a trailer, set the stage a long time ago. His comment, "We do it like this all the time!" set an example of the type work he does. There is nothing trailer or manufactured about my home. It's permanently set and has no axles or wheels under it. There is not a single piece of fake wood or wall paper panels in the entire house.

I believe I have been very polite and VERY patient!  We told them from the get go this was a custom kitchen. Our insurance covers replacing what was here with the same, not builder grade stuff. Because it is a manufactured home that we remodeled, their system generates replacements based on manufacturers suggestion, not what was actually here. Whoever did their estimate messed up. A computer program can't see what I have. So now they are dragging their feet as they complain about billable hours and extra material cost. I am so very sorry their profit margin took a hit on this job.

Oh, to add more frustration on top of aggravation, we are still waiting for the flooring that hasn't even been ordered! I picked it out almost 2 weeks ago. As of yesterday, it still hasn't been ordered because it hasn't been paid for. I wonder, should I just go in and pay for the materials and this company can adjust my bill. It might save me money since the flooring I picked out was $2.69sq and the foreman told me it was $3.09sq, I tried to correct him but he wouldn't budge. The estimate from the insurance company has it at the $3.09 as well. As I see it I am under budget, not over as he claims. I think we need to visit the flooring company today. I can't wait to see how that goes!

Maybe, if we are lucky, it will just be another "2 Weeks"! We'll see.

Bumps are getting bumpier on "Our Journey Through LIFE!"


  1. What a nightmare. I hope it gets resolved and your flooring gets ordered quickly. I hadn't thought about how fortunate we have been with all the workmen and the companies they represent who have worked on projects here since we moved it. They have been skilled, on time (the flooring people showed up - unannounced! - five hours early!), and done excellent work. I know what is going in my Gratitude Journal for sure this morning!

    1. This has been a first for us! I have learned there is a BIG difference between reconstruction and remodel. Remolding went so much smoother then reconstruction from water damage has.



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