Tuesday, August 2, 2016


This year I tagged 61 items and submitted 88 photos.  I am very pleased with the amount I got this year. I had so much fun!

I am by no means a professional photographer. I don't focus on the settings at all. I use auto focus 99% of the time. I just enjoy playing with my camera which is a Canon Power Shot 5X50HS. I love it! It captures so many of our precious memories. I have shot through windows, while going 75 miles per hour, through a cyclone fence, even from an airplane window! I take hundreds, if not thousand, of pictures sometimes, and if I am really lucky, I get a few dozen awesome photos. Okay, maybe more now that I have become comfortable with what I can do with it. I am thinking, and sometimes I can think on something for a long time, but I would like to take a photo class. I have also seen photo seminars that sound really interesting. Not the online type, but location ones where you walk around a specific place taking pictures with a professional sharing tips. They had one in Tucson a few years back. I will have to research this again now that my health is plateauing to where a journey like this just might be possible.




#Splash (We did a lot of splashing this month)






#Sailboat #Sunflare




Looking forward to doing it again next year!

Great way to capture Our Journey Through LIFE!

[x] apple pie a la mode
[x] backyard
[x] balloons
[x] baseball field
[x] beach ball
[x] berries
[x] binoculars
[ ] bubblegum bubble
[x] buddies *
[x] camper *****
[x] campfire
[x] candy apple
[x] canoe
[ ] cartwheel
[ ] circus tent
[ ] clothespins
[x] cloud watching *
[ ] coconut
[ ] craft fair
[x] croquet
[x] daisy

[ ] diving board
[ ] earthworm
[ ] face paint
[x] firetruck
[x] fireworks **
[ ] fishing pole
[ ] flamingo
[ ] flippers 
[ ] flower chain
[x] food truck
[ ] fresh herbs
[ ] frisbee
[ ] gardener
[x] giraffe
[x] globe lights **
[x] golden hour *
[ ] grilled
[x] headband
[x] high five
[x] hiking trail
[x] home grown
[x] horse
[ ] hotdog vendor
[ ] ice cream shop
[x] inner tube
[ ] kettle corn
[x] kite flying ***
[ ] ladybug
[ ] lakeside
[x] lawnchair
[ ] lemonade stand
[x] lighthouse **
[ ] log cabin
[ ] margarita
[x] marshmallow
[x] melon
[ ] melt
[ ] merry-go-round
[ ] mini-golf
[ ] monkey bars
[x] national flag *
[x] outdoor dining
[x] palm tree
[x] party
[ ] peaches

[x] petal
[ ] picnic basket
[x] pier
[ ] pineapple
[x] pinwheel
[x] raindrop
[ ] red rover
[ ] roasted
[x] rollercoaster
[x] sailboat *
[x] sandals
[x] skateboard
[x] slip-n-slide
[x] soaked
[x] splash *******
[x] stars
[x] straw hat
[x] summer breeze
[ ] sundae
[x] sunflare 
[x] swim 
[ ] swing
[x] tank top 
[ ] teal
[x] toes
[x] tractor
[ ] trampoline
[x] tropical print
[x] underwater *
[ ] waffle cone
[x] waterfall
[x] water balloon
[x] wheelbarrow

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