Thursday, August 4, 2016

It's Been Kind of "CRAZY" Around Here!

In fact, the month of July has been the CRAZIEST!

I might add that it was "Wonderfully" CRAZY most the time! The first half was just as CRAZY as the second half of the month. There might have been some CRAZY hot during the month, but when my heart is overflowing with the love of the family, it just chills my soul!

I'm just as CRAZY in love with the family we had visiting the last 2 weeks of the month as much as the family we had visiting the beginning of the month. Half of them were here for 2 weeks and the other half for a week!

I've been entertained beyond my wildest dreams!

Though it had been a year since we last got to hug on them, when they got here, it's was like we had just seen them. Love has no boundaries or distance or time. It's just a forever thing.

Try as we might, schedules just didn't work out for all ten "Grand's" to be here at the same time. Boy would that have been CRAZY! A CRAZY I wouldn't mind experiencing though. I am just so happy we had the time we did and look forward to the next time. (Which is constantly being planned out, just need dates to fill in the blanks!) For now I soak up every moment available.

Their days were full of visiting with family and as many of their friends as possible, along with many barbecues, lots of swimming, and oh so much more.

I miss them already!

As if this CRAZY love wasn't enough, my dishwasher decided to become a CRAZY waterfall two weeks ago, constantly dumping tons of water before my son could get the water turned off. No, there was not a mouse! Just an old dishwasher that decided this week, with a full house of company, was a good time to join the appliance heaven. It took 5 days just to dry out the mess it made.

Plus, I guess it had been leaking for a while prior to the waterfall, creating some black mold which had to be removed properly. Thank God for giving me the thoughts to take pictures. It showed how dry the floor was just a few months ago. This was definitely a dishwasher malfunction that the insurance adjuster said happened over the last month to 6 weeks, with the waterfall event being the final breaking point.

So my kitchen looked like this for a few days while they did the first stage.

In fact, is looks like that again today as they begin reconstruction. While signing papers yesterday to approve the work, a few movies went through my head as I heard the words
"2 Weeks!"

Like in Total Recall!

I sure hope it doesn't become the 2 weeks like in The Money Pit

Did you think that was all the CRAZINESS going on around here.

Hubby has been CRAZY busy for a summer. I am by no means complaining. With my health being funky, and him being busy, getting away and out of the heat hasn't really been an option other then that last day trip we took over to San Diego. Having had an employee out with a broken ankle for 2 weeks had been the CRAZIEST part. The temporary help provided didn't drive and was claustrophobic, making crawling under a house for an install out of the question. Being flexible was important, plus having understanding customers really helped. Through all the challenges, I believe this July was a record for us compared to other years. Win, Win, right! CRAZY how those things work out.

As if the CRAZY monsoon weather we have been experiencing wasn't enough either, now I am once again experiencing some more CRAZY, because we finally found some time to get away for a WEEK and the reconstruction just so happens to land right in the middle of it. There will need to be some compromising because we ARE going to get that brief vacation in before season starts, one way or another!

Just another CRAZY time on Our Journey Through LIFE!

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