Friday, June 3, 2016

It's Always Something, Isn't It!

It all started back in May. While planning for an upcoming 6th Grade Promotion Pool Party we decided replacing the deck beside the pool had to be done. The composite decking just didn't hold up to our excessive heat. We can't remember exactly when we built it but believe it was around 2005 or 2006. So 10 years wasn't bad I guess.

 What we found under the deck was a complete surprise!

 Those darn gopher's had filled it up with dirt! Just what they needed, more work!

It's always something!

We surely weren't expecting that! Thankful to have a healthy nephew around who can handle the job. We couldn't have done this without him.

Once all the dirt was removed, the framing having been buried in the dirt, and though it was that pressure treated stuff, had so many rot spots it too had to be replaced. 

It's always something!

Finally, they got to begin building. After resetting the piers and leveling the framing, it was getting close to the time for them to add some deck boards. Calling it quits for the night, the last rails would get done the next day.

Unfortunately hubby accidentally left the pool fill on ALL night! All that water filled their work area and took 2 days, which we really didn't have, to dry out. Not only that, another gopher popped up. Without any decking, I was able to have the pest guy inject the area with bait. He'll come back in a couple weeks and re-bait again around the perimeter. 

It's always something!

While they waited for the area to dry, I decided to build that flowerbed I've been wanting along the walk way to the pool. Something that had been put off for years. Now that I have dirt, and I didn't have to have it to get trucked in, I can now get it done with a little help from the nephew. He hauled a couple rocks for me and brought me 3 wheelbarrow of that dirt full to complete this job. I also have a few other plans for that dirt as well. So long as I pace myself, I am getting quite a bit caught up around here. 

Once they got back onto the deck it only took another couple days to complete. Actually, it was the second half of one day and the first half of another.

All that is left to do is to seal it and we can slap on the "DONE" sign! 

For now it was fine so we could celebrate Memorial Weekend and a Promotion Pool Party a few days later.

You know that song, "My Front Porch Looking In", well I LOVE my view looking out also! Watching 10 adults and 14 kids celebrating promotions to Jr. High, 1st grade and kindergarten, the view was awesome!

We're ready for the summer around here on Our Journey Through LIFE!


  1. That's lots of work. Glad it all is done now and there's a sigh of relief for you. It all looks nice and a fun place to enjoy the outdoors. I enjoyed wine and paint nite. I don't drink wine either. Cleo looked at the prices and decided water was her choice! Thanks for comment on my posts.

  2. Actually, once it dried out and they got back to work, the piers were leveled in the first half of that morning. They got half the deck board down before the heat got to them and they jumped in the pool to cool off. The next day it only took a couple hours in the morning to finish the other side. I stand corrected.


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