Friday, June 10, 2016

It's A Love - Hate Relationship!

I have a LOVE-HATE Relationship with Facebook!

I love the connection it has allowed with my family and friends a far. 

I love how we are able to share our journeys and life's experiences. 

I love the games. They fill a time that would otherwise be miserable! 

I love most of the tidbits shared back and forth.

I love to read the updates from those I love, to the travel and entertainment pages I like.

I even love some of those sarcastic meme things some post. They can be so funny!

What I hate about Facebook are all those opinions and propaganda adds that are shared. Some are years old and are shared as if it happened yesterday. Some arrive as "Trending" or "Suggested Post" that Facebook thinks I might like. The political ones are my biggest pet peeves of them all. Lately, all they are about is slamming each other and calling names. What ever happened to talking about solving the problems instead of creating more. 

Then there are the videos of all those riots at the rally's, or protesters after a verdict. Even a win or a loss from a sport championship game can become violent and then it goes viral. It's just getting out of hand. I just hate seeing such disrespect and anger, leading to so much unnecessary property damage.  

I am thankful for that drop down menu on the right of such post where you can click to not ever see them again. It's kind of like deleting your spam email or unsubscribing from unwanted email list.

Reading all those opinions just doesn't bring JOY to my life. 

There are a variety of opinions that people share that can be very entertaining but others can be very hurtful. Those that use it to shame or share their views have every right to post hourly or daily as those of us who use it to share our lives. 

Some just need to chill out!

First off, it is NOT my diary! Believe me, you don't want to read what I write in my diary! Thus this post a few weeks ago. 

Besides, Facebook greets us each time we log on with...

"What's on your mind?"

Isn't that the same thing we do when we open up our dairy or journal, we write what's on our mind?

The election, is on our mind!

Our jobs, our families, our problems, are all on our minds on any given day. If sharing that information is like my diary, then click that arrow on the right of the post like I do and call it a day. 

I see Facebook more like...


of my journal, better known as 

"Our Journey Through LIFE!"

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