Friday, June 3, 2016

Hummingbird Time!

I absolutely LOVE my time in the mornings with the hummingbirds! It's a slow time I enjoy the most. I surely don't mind the wait.

Over time we've become really good friends. I can get within 2 feet of them, or shall I say they get within 2 feet of me so long as I stand still and wait. 

They zip around me as if saying "Hello!". 

If a feeder is empty they will persistently fly around me chirping with their distinct sound, reminding me to refill it. 

 In time it has created a routine between us. It allows me the opportunity to capture them in so many different places around my yard. 

My time with them has also created a LOVE to surely last a lifetime if not an eternity. Where this LOVE will take me on Our Journey Through LIFE, only time will tell.


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