Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Preparing & Planning!

Other then working on the many garden and outside projects I have been doing, I have also been working on the rehearsal dinner menu, seating and table centerpieces. 

This was my first attempt with some supplies I found at the $1 Store. I starched the scarf to use as a table runner.

Then while searching for other ideas I found this one.

I love the simpleness of it.

However, completely changing would add more cost, plus more time to shop for the items, both of which I am limited on.

So I came up with my own version using what I had with only having to buy the split peas.

I'm thinking, once I get in the actual room, arrange the tables, and add the necklaces and gold nuggets it will all come together as it should be. I have a Plan A and a Plan B.

I haven't been this excited for St Patrick's Day in a long time.

Remember when we did this in 2011...

It's going to be another great day on Our Journey Through Life! 

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