Saturday, March 12, 2016

It's Never To Late To Be A Rock Star!

While sitting outside watching the "Grand" kid play, I had an awesome idea. 

See that strip of random rocks, it goes the whole length of the house. Well, I remembered a blog I had seen with a number of garden ideas, and remembered these flowers. I think this would be the perfect spot and I think it's about time the railing gets added too so it can't be used as a short cut anymore.
There was also a fairy garden at same place. 

Can you tell I LOVE all shape and sizes of rocks! Yep, they seem to follow me home all the time. Not only that, but some years ago I had 3 different sizes delivered by a BIG dump truck. These rocks have been reused and re-purposed a number of times over the years. Thanks to the ideas from the blog post, I now have a few more ways to reuse them again.

In case you need more projects on your list like I seem to do...check them out at...

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