Thursday, March 10, 2016

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

When our daughter wanted to get married at the house back in 2009, I bought two fake triple topiary trees. You can see them on each side of the stairs. 

They hung out there for another couple years. I think it was during our 4th Boo Bash, we draped an old sheet over them to create a  couple ghost. It was then that I noticed the sun was destroying them, fading the leaves, and causing them to deteriorate. So I moved them up closer to the door after that.

Between 2012-2013 high winds had blown many of the leaves off so I filled in the blank spaces with spring flowers and tulle. 

I have searched many years of photos looking for the first transformation with no luck. During 2013 I swapped out flowers though out the year.

My favorite was the poinsettia's for Christmas. For some reason I didn't snap a shot of both of them done. I added some of my stand up decorations along side them. It looked really nice. Why didn't I capture it?

By the beginning of 2014 they had fallen completely apart, so in the dumpster they finally went. Large eggs filled the planters that spring.

From Spring into Summer I planted flowers in them which did fairly well. Until we had to leave for a couple weeks and by the time we got home, the sizzle of our summer sun had done them in.

Since I didn't do "Grand" trees this last year, I use two of the trees to create a Christmas front porch.

I have looked into replacing the fake trees but for now have decided to just keep being creative with the planters for another year.

So today I am going to fill them with some spring annuals and see about making or finding some kind of bunny on a stick for some height. Maybe add a couple eggs, with the jumbo eggs along side. I'll just play around with it and see what I come up with. With 40 years of STUFF, there is no need to go looking for anything new.

It's just another way I get to enjoy Our Journey Through LIFE, reusing, re-purposing and recycling things I already have! This year a lot of things are getting a new look on our JOURNEY! 

PS: Hubby is reusing and re-purposing some things also to create a milking stand for our "Grand" daughter. I can't wait to share his process when it's completed.

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