Sunday, March 20, 2016

Our St. Patrick's Day Celebration!

"Meant to post this Saturday, but I actually fell asleep with the computer in my lap.

Everything turned out just perfect!

First the rehearsal...

A quick meeting to go over the plan. Then we all practiced the line up. My son had chalked out the path we will take at the venue and we all walked to our spots. All the kids behaved so well for this, they will surely do an awesome job for the wedding. Once all the serious things had been covered, it was time to get silly!

 We all enjoyed a great meal and the time spent with some awesome friends and family.

 Everyone had such a great time!

"Our Journey Through LIFE" has yet another wonderful memory add to it. 

You all will have to wait till the professional photos have arrived for the wedding. I only took a few before the battery villain struck again. Yep, I had both my batteries charged for the occasion, as well as a blank memory card. Unfortunately the charger with the second charged battery in it never made it into the camera bag. On top of that, the cord I had my phone plugged into wasn't charging my phone, so I had no use of it either. It didn't bother me though as there were so many others taking photos. I was happy that I wasn't going to be one who had their phone or camera in their hands. Always counting blessing!

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