Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's FAIR to Say We've Been a Bit Busy!

It's FAIR to say the very next day after we got home from that beautiful wedding, our daughter plunged right into getting ready for the fair. 

With 5 goats to haul, it always involves the family! Time for the momma's to get shaved and the baby girl needs to be tattooed.

By the next weekend Grandpa had added wheels and a handle to the Goat stand but it was still in need of some paint. We just so happened to have two eager "Grand's" willing to do the job. 

Of course the 4 year old didn't last long painting. He bailed before it was finished, but the 4H'er had to work till it was done. Her reward was a birthday celebration at the water park. Yes, here in Yuma water activities are normal for this time of year.

The beach really was a lot more fun. 

Since the beach is right outside the back door, it gave me the opportunity to finish my table. There wasn't much left to do. The Iris's had opened up really nice and I didn't lose a single one. I was concerned since I picked them up in the beginning of my shopping the day before. What ever was I thinking! By the time I got home they had bent over and the only way to salvage them was to cut the stems at the bends. This ceramic basket that came with a really nice bouquet of flowers a few years back worked just fine. Using glass bead helped stand them up, and a couple that needed added support, cut stems with leaves on them provided the perfect solution. I really like how it came out.

To end the day we colored some eggs. Mom, Dad, and big brother were heading home from a spring training game between the Angles and the Padres. The grandson was excited because his Angels won!

As usual, after church we have our egg hunt. 

It's FAIR to say that I still have some limits, so we used the patio and the beach as the hunt field. Of course we can go high for the oldest "Grand"son, and low for the "Grand" 4 year old, and somewhere in between for "Grand"daughter. They had a great time as always!

Dinner was delicious and filling. 

With a good nights rest and after the days work was done, it was time to take the goats to the Fair!

FAIR to say, it's FAIR time!

Today was a feed only day. Maybe fine tune some things so the momma's and their pen are pretty for tomorrow is Herdsmanship!

It's FAIR to say we are quite busy on Our Journey Through LIFE!

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