Saturday, June 14, 2014

The BEST Mother’s Day, EVER!


Though a month ago, it still seems like yesterday. Just like it seams like yesterday I first became a mother, and that was actually 35 years ago.


How fast it goes by!

In that time I have had some wonderful Mother’s Day’s, all special in their own way each year. But this year, with all the changes happening, with all the milestones we’ve reach, and with all the investments we made in our children, our oldest put together a trip of a lifetime!

No, it wasn’t to Paris or any other exotic destination that most might dream about.

Where else is there?

How about…

“The Happiest Place on Earth!”


4 Glorious, wonderful, fun filled days!

She did a great job of scheduling, keeping track of fast passes, capturing it with their photo-pass option, and ending it all with a character breakfast, I can’t think of one thing she forgot!

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I think this will be my favorite Mother’s Day Generation Photo for a long time. As “Our Journey Through LIFE!” continues on, one never know if something better down this road will top this, but I’m sure they will try!


All those years that I did the packing, the schedule plans, waking up before them each day, making sure our vacations are as awesome as they can be, has paid off. All 3 of my kids have developed a lot of my parenting talents, among other’s, and being the best parent they can be, well that is a blessing I will never dismiss. They all go over and beyond in their duties as parents to assure their children have the most wonderful and memorable childhood possible. They know these years are the most precious but also the most important. They are building on a strong foundation and have as they always will, rise above any of the challenges put in front of them. How they parent, will impact how their children will parent, resulting in some incredible adults!

Blessing, always blessing to be their mom, a part of their and their children’s life, touching their hearts in so many ways that the stories will be told for generations to come.

I hope each and everyone of you had a wonderful Mother’s Day as well.

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