Friday, June 27, 2014

Humming Along!

Prior to that glorious vacation, the little hummer’s were getting bigger.


By two weeks, they were completely covered in pin feathers and are starting to grow real feathers. Their beaks are looking much longer and are starting to look much darker too. They are beginning to look like real birds. I even got to watch her feed them.

IMG_3584  IMG_3587

As they approached the three week mark, it was getting really interesting. They’ll be getting ready to leave the nest as we get back from vacation. I got to see them testing out their wings in preparation for their first flight. Each day I would ask them to slow down, don’t grow up so fast or I won’t see you again! In the next few days, these little baby hummingbirds will fly away as real adult hummingbirds, never to return back to the nest.

Will they be there when we get home?

The first thing I did when we got home was to go out and see is they were still there…well after spending a good half hour with Bella!

Look how big they are!


As I was up capturing this great photo of them, I was startled by the momma coming back. As I jumped down (not an easy thing for me to do) I hit the branch which made one fly off and the other hanging from the nest by it’s feet. Didn’t take long for it to regain it’s bearings and climb back in, then the other returned for the night.

The next day, they were gone.

IMG_4598  IMG_4599

I felt so blessed that they hung out for me to get home.

Oh, but they didn’t go far…


Everyday they come and drink from the feeder. It’s getting harder to tell them apart from their mother. One, which was the littlest, must have fallen out or not made it back after a test a flight that first day. I kept hearing this odd chirp sound, so after bit I explored looking for it’s location. As I approached the old cast iron tub below their nest, all of a sudden it flew up toward me. Jumping back, it landed under the chair. It was obvious it was having a hard time. Each time it tried to fly up it would hit the bottom of the chair and land on the ground again. Finally by stepping behind, my movement made it take another shot at the flying and was out from under the chair. Only it didn’t get far.

Now what?

First thought was to help it back to the nest, but how?

As I stood there observing the situation, I took another step out from behind the chair and it flew up on top of the garden cabinet. There it was in a ray of sunshine and began to perk up. A few minutes later, after a song of chirping, it flew off.

Just a day later, as I sat outside watching for them, all three eventually came to the feeder. The funny thing is, the little one that had a tough go of flying, still makes that sounds when it comes to the feeder, as if it’s saying hi! They are not startled by our presence and will fly up, over and around us, as they buzz toward the feeder.

What an unbelievable experience for “Our Journey Through LIFE!” to get to capture. Enjoyed every moment of it!

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