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The sound is very distinctive, the fluttering wings of a hummingbird!

Last month while our grandson was on the back porch watching his baseball game, he got startled by a hummingbird. It even flew around him checking him out. When I came out to see what he was bothered by, to my surprise it just happened to be a hummingbird. As I sat with him it flew off, and a few minutes later it came back, zipping around us. Having Asperger's the quick moving bird had him squirming as if it was a bee. It didn’t take long to help him understand just what it was and why it was being so active in our outdoor living space.

She was building a nest!


Over the next few days we got to watch her build this tiny little nest. How amazing! We learned that she uses spider webs to hold her home together. I can honestly say that I have never experienced such a wonder, watching this amazing bird build such a strong home.

I can’t help but feel God has placed her in our surroundings for a reason. He is good at doing this type of things.


Besides roadrunners my MIL loved Hummingbirds. I inherited a few of her favorite items and to this day, they still make me think of her. We have had some strange visitors since her passing that further prove God is awesome…

First was a roadrunner who hung out while the FIL was with us during hospice. He would talk to it but would be calling it mom. I would say, “Are you talking about or to the roadrunner on the brick wall?” and he would say “no, mom, she’s right outside the window.” What was always there was this roadrunner. It hung around for quite some time, even after dads passing. Then it was gone, until one morning. I was making a new porch landing and had been working on it for days. As hard as it was for me to accomplish this I stuck it out and after having to cave into accepting help to finish it, we got the last stone in. I was so happy with the job I had done. The next morning as I walked into the living room, I could see out the window to the new porch and guess who was checking out my work. Yep, that roadrunner! Thanks mom!

So how could I not see this as a sign from God too! With new directions being mapped out, is it her way of saying we can do this too! We had received similar signs when we began this journey to here 20 years ago. God kept putting people and experiences in front of us that lead us to open a door to a whole new life. Now, we are seeing signs to take another leap of faith. We know the signs. We know how to accept them. We know to be patient as we wait out what wonders will be ahead and look forward to adding this next chapter to Our Journey Through LIFE!

I just love how God works.


Over the last year, new roads, possibly a new home, and even the potential for a new career have been fluttering around our heads and hearts for a while now. It’s not leaving one place for another, but adding another place for our family to gather, grow, and enjoy while on this journey. A place where my talents can been put to work. Not to mention a better directory of doctors. Watching and waiting to see what will come our way is exciting.

God is surely working here!


It took a hummingbird to remind me that I too had built a strong home for my children. Like her, I didn’t like others interrupting the important task of making sure they were raised in the way God had planned. Like her we had to watch out for predator's who tried to destroy our nest or our young ones.


We worked hard to overcome some of this worlds struggles, learning and growing every step of the way. And like her, our nest was built strong and held up to some pretty strong storms. And like her, we too had the most fragile little ones to tend.


In our reading about these tiny little beauties, we learned they DO NOT like to be watched. I have removed a screen from the kitchen window so to have a better view. I can now sneak out the back door quietly and she won’t fly off, so long as I stay by the door. One step though and she’ll fly. So I have learned to be patient and stand still to watch the her work. 


I wait for her to fly off a few evenings ago, so I rushed to take a peek. Everything we read said they would hatch in 14 – 23 days. It had been 18. I began to feel like a mother waiting for the birth of her first grandchild!  I was ecstatically happy to see one had hatched. Then the next morning the other. So both are now in the world. From here out I am not sure if I’ll be able, or of she would like it, if I took pictures. The last thing I want to do is scare her off. From the kitchen window I should be able to see little heads eventually. We thought of putting a mirror above the nest but thought she might not like seeing her reflection and would abandon the nest. Also read some hummingbirds come back to the same nest so we’ll see. We won’t disturb the branch she used and have figured out how to trim the tree so it remains as long as she does.

Never a dull moment on Our Journey Through LIFE!

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