Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sentimental Journey–continued…

Boy am I having a hard placing photo’s properly!
Besides, travel days are long and not always exciting. Then to go back and figure out my notes to put together something that makes sense, well let’s just say didn’t make sense to make any sense out of it!
Today is the rosary. I want to get a tree or something to decorate my moms gravesite. It will be a day of memories to be shared, experienced, and blessed with. It is very, very cold! It will make it difficult to hide what cold weather does to me but I came prepared.
Let the day begin!
(Now I know why this was put aside. Just reading and editing this is kind of difficult)
For the next few days to leave the house we are staying at, this is the driveway in and out. I will drive it just once and that was enough!
The BIL is building a spec home and this will be the view from the front yard.
2.5 million and this view could be yours! I can only dream of owning such a place. Unless I win the lottery, but chances are slim to none on that one.
Afterwards we took a beautiful poinsettia to my moms. Since the forecast for the next few day is freezing cold, thought it would hold up better. It looked nice and she always loved them anyways. Win, win!
Finally we made it to my Aunts house. As always she was her cheerful self. Always setting a strong example for those around her. All she wants to hear is about the family and enjoys hearing all the latest news. Many of my cousins would arrive and visit briefly as well. Soon it was time to leave so they and us can get ready for the rosary in a few hours.
The drive to the house was somber. Sharing her strength but knowing her heart, it was all I could do to keep it together. She has taught me well. By the time the rosary began, I felt I was right where I needed to be.
Something about going back to where you were raised, to be sitting in a church that held so many steps of Our Journey Through LIFE and to faith I have today.

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