Friday, December 6, 2013

Ending of a Sentimental Journey


…But not the cold spell they are experiencing this week. But this was the first morning things were frozen over.


It would take me some time to get warmed up enough to hit the showers knowing at the end I will be cold again. Allowing time is the trick and it’s all about prepping for it. Towel hangs over the heat vent. Don’t turn on the exhaust fan until towel is wrapped around you. Then you turn on the vent and run, I mean go from the sauna bathroom right to under the covers in the bed till the chill wears off, again. I can honestly say I am not a fan of the cold! I can manage visits but could not live in it full time. Hmmm…then why are we looking at property in these areas? Because we hope to be snowbirds some day, 3/4 of our time in the desert and the other 1/4 somewhere cooler in the summer. We’ll be checking out a lot of places over the next few years until God tells us to walk through a certain door. Along the way we soak up all the sites in His glory, thanking him for where ever we are.

A trip like this seems to bring out many sentiments along the way.

Heading up valley to say our final good-byes takes us past and to places that bring them to the top of our hearts. The little town of Yountville is one. Our family plot is there. Conversation begins with memories of another time.


It’s not long before we arrive in St. Helena. I love this little town. Before we moved away I use to work up here. While I was in 4-H our bike club would ride up here often. Now I am back to embrace all those memoires, praise God for them and be thankful for the life with my uncle God gave me.

1474799_10202775065721982_1839550864_n        1476894_10202775061281871_1558574111_n

We arrived rather early so we took a walk around looking for where my friend had been buried. Back in 1981, on Christmas Morning, while heading home to be with her daughter, she lost control of her car and hit a tree. Her and her dog died instantly. Her 10 year daughter would wake to not Santa but the police. That day really changed my life. And here I was, looking for her. Because of my grief back then I couldn’t remember where we were in the cemetery that day. I remember the little church on the grounds. I remembered walking out but for the life of me, I can not bring to memory which way we walked. SO we strolled around and came upon a grounds man and asked about records. Well this guy has been at this job a long time and gave great to direction to what might have been her but it wasn’t. He said we could go up to the office and inquire but others were arriving so we walked back.

As we approached the family, there was the normal chitter chatter going on but I could feel there was something more. As I walked closer my cousin approached me and for a brief moment my heart sunk. My aunt was taken to the hospital after the reception. What was thought to be a heart attack was heart break and they felt that in her best interest the keep her for observation. They assured us she was going to be fine but needed rest. I so wanted to go visit before we left for home after these services, but they felt visitors would be to much for her. I so agreed. But not a moment goes by that I am not thinking of her.

The service was lovely. Of course more stories and love was to be shared. Walking to the car with my sisters was a memory for the heart. I gave them their gifts and said our good-byes.

Let the journey to home begin….


Before we are to head home, we made arrangements to visit a friend that lived up in the Clear Lake area. That meant we had to go up and over the mountain. First you drive through Calistoga…but we are not tourist, for this is where my aunt and uncles life began. I vaguely remember their house before they moved around the corner later on, but the area, the trees, and of course the vineyards, which of course there are more of now, allow for topics of conversations. Back then….I remember when…Once we….Here we….

I love the drive up the mountain, and if it is Gods plan would not turn our back on a door opening up around there somewhere. I love the view….


Up and over we went and then out my window I saw…..


When was the last time you saw a working one of these. Yes it worked and for the life of me have no idea why I didn’t check out how much it cost. Might be worth noting just in case the cell doesn’t work! But I didn’t. Sorry!

Remember last years post where I had to cross a foot bridge because the creek was roaring…


Well I am happy to report that we were able to drive across this time…

Our day ended with a trip into town for dinner and the Christmas Light Parade. I LOVE a parade, and one with Christmas lights even more…

1457743_10202794463006902_1111713737_n    1460189_10202794462046878_300217366_n    1463974_10202794462126880_1085326432_n

When we got back to the car, this is what we found out….


Yep, snow is in the forecast for the night…Our Journey Through LIFE is rather cold right about now!

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