Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Easter in a Basket


As always we went to sunrise service.

It was a very crisp morning. I forgot our chairs, but thankful the church had some available. It was a simple service this year. No over the top production. Pray, song, and praise for Jesus. His journey was for all of us. His journey makes our journey bearable when we have Him in our lives.

Oh and a pancake breakfast after with the “Grands”, and other church friends puts one in heaven on earth.

Though dealing with doctor’s and test I did find the energy to try some new things this year. I know you all have seen the real grass Easter baskets. I have wanted to try it for some time. I even took pictures to blog about it.

Then LIFE happens as it does around here and blogging gets shuffled. I know it’s late but I really wanted to show off how it worked out for me…

I didn’t want a big patch for my first attempt. (note to self, go bigger next year!)

I had a starter tray left over from last year…


                    ….all I had to get was more of those pod thingy’s.











I used the cheapest bag of grass seed I could find at Walmart…




I just spread them on top of the pods…


Sprinkled some potting soil over the top, watered it daily, and after 2 weeks…


And it is still growing!

We are having a spring fling in a couple weeks and it will get reused again if it is still alive.

My other attempt at something new didn’t turn out as well…IMG_7624

I wanted to make my own hollow chocolate eggs this year. My first attempt, using chocolate chips, the eggs got hard, but putting them together proved to be challenging. I was successful but they didn’t look good at all. So I decided to only make half eggs. I now know I need different chocolate if I want to ever try this again. Second batch, I used Hershey's, did my tempering as read but my chocolate wouldn’t harden unless in the frig. Once at room temp it got soft. Since I was having such a hard time, I decided to make them for the adults. I would have to keep them in the frig until time, and I went back to the store and bought…


             IMG_7616         IMG_7617

Three chocolate bunnies for the “Grands” to complete my inside table. In the desert, chocolate doesn’t do well outside. I do two tables, one inside for eating, and another outside for gathering at after the hunt. It could be used for dinner if wanted but we always seem to eat inside.

Our Easter Sunday was like everyone else’s. After church we hunted for eggs. Prepared a fantastic meal. Enjoyed some awesome family time. And collapsed in bed by 9 PM.

A snapshot of our day…                   

IMG_7628 IMG_7635 IMG_7641

    IMG_7643  IMG_7644  IMG_7653

        IMG_7649  IMG_7654  IMG_7650

  IMG_7665 IMG_7658 IMG_7670

So that’s how Our Journey Through LIFE hopped through Easter. Hope you all had a Happy Easter.

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