Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Memories

A few years back I had done this post and linked to Black & White Wednesday (now she does Favorite Photo Friday) and Way-Back-Whens-day. I use to do that link up thing for a few blogs. It was fun. It allowed me to write some memories of my children and grands and hope they will enjoy reading down the road.
That was my hubby's side of the family. I don't know why I hadn't done one for my side. Maybe I did and just haven't found the post. To look through almost 500 post would distract me and I wouldn't get this post done. So if you have seen these before, I'm sorry to repeat, and if not or new, enjoy my journey down memory lane. 

Easter 1965

I'm not really sure if this was Easter or Mother's Day, both are in spring. I do know it was 1965 by my sis "M" being pregnant and I look about 8. I remember my dress well. I absolutely loved it. It was cool and of course "blue" my favorite color even then. It was also store bought which means I got to pick it out. Mom would always have the final word though. My sister's "D" (next to mom) and "B" (next to me) had dresses that mom had made from the same fabric or for sis "M"'s wedding. Not sure which. Some details just didn't matter to me I guess.
Mom always bought fabric in bulk and I loved digging through her sewing chest. I use to make something from anything she had in there. If I needed a new skirt, I was sure to find a piece of fabric that would work. I always had a lot of draw string tops. SEW Simple! No patterns needed.

Easter 1967-8

I love this picture of my mom, my sister "B" and my baby brother. I don't have an exact year but looking it over I believe it had to have been 1967 or maybe 68, since my brother looks maybe 5 or 6. That would make me 10 or 11 and probably my 2nd year of 4-H. My sewing skills were developing well and I made the dress I am wearing, with the help of my mom of course. That collar was not something I could do easily, nor the zipper, so she would do them for me. More then likely my sister "D" did my hair. I still wear my hair like that. Too funny! Well minus the bangs right now but up till 5 years ago I did. With the smirky kind a squinty eyed smile on my face, it reminds me of telling my dad to take the picture already, the bunny is melting in my hands! "Smile then!". I'm glad he took pictures but sometimes he made it kind of awkward.
I don't know or even remember if there are more from then to here...

Easter 1986

I'm kind of in the middle of my sibling and below are our children.
The girl with the hat and the 2 boys on each side are mine.

But shortly after this, the family was torn apart for a number of years. Regardless of where we are now, or how we all made it through those years, the memories of those years before held the foundation firm, just as my mom had prayed to God for all those years for it to be. As I look at how the families have grown and born from the ashes, God is with my mom, His hand on her shoulder, telling her, "Good job!". "They are all fine. They all have me with them."
Most of them that is. Still a work in progress for some but I have faith they too will grow in the direction God has planned for them. That is there journey and this is Our Journey Through LIFE!

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