Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Blast To The Past

Take off took only seconds and I was rocketing through old pictures, looking for a certain one for a special someone, when I found these...

Easter 1961


I'm the little 4 year blonde in the front. I know it's black and white, but with blonde it doesn't really matter does it?. My sibling all have red hair. I just love my pin-curls. It was the only way my hair would curl. Mom would pin it up at night, add a scarf to keep them all pinned in place, and I would have to sleep on it all night.
My sister "B" is next to me, she was 7. She was called the carrot top. I don't know why when carrot tops are green, but she has that deep red hair others would dye (he,he) for. "B" would tease me like any sister 3 years older does, but I love her so much. During my teen years, she took me in a number of times, no questions asked. Quite an adventure with her, thats for sure.
Behind us is "D", she was 9, and though her hair looks blonde, it's that gorgeous, glow in the sunlight strawberry blonde. My "D" and I would have a different kind of adventure. Siblings can butt heads, and at one time or another, we did it very well. Remember me saying once that I was like her living doll. So many pictures remind me of her, the hair, the dress, the make-up, one or all had her hand in it. But sister's are sister's, we forgive, we love unconditionally, life is good again.
Behind her is my brother "L". Oh boy do I remember him well at this time! Being 14 his main joy at the time was to pick on us girls. I think I got it the most but would bet my sister's feel they got it worse. I'm not going to argue. He was awnry and most every one got a taste of his trickery. Having him for an example when my teen years came, well let's just say it was kind of wild! I mean if he did it, why can't I! Praise God my hubby came into my life!
Beside him is my sis "M". She was 18 here and I don't remember much of her at home. I do remember breaking a statue, hiding it and myself for fear of punishment, and thought for the longest time she was always mad at me for breaking it. What seemed like years to me, were probably just days in reality, but the view of a child is so different isn't it. Later I would get to babysit for her and then her daughter babysat for me. She listened without judgement or sides. I can't say it enough of how much I love her. I usually get to tell her a few times a week. I love those blessings
There it is, the 1st sibling Easter photo I remember. My baby brother wouldn't arrive until December of 1962.

This is how I remember my mom back them. Doesn't she look beautiful!
She could have wrote her own cookbook and been another Julia Childs.
I love her hair and how it is tied up.
She did that a lot, ha, and so do I!
I love being my mother's daughter.
I love being a sister.
I love being a wife.
I love being a mother.
I love being an aunt.
I LOVE being a grandmother!
But, I LOVE, LOVE God for guiding me through it all!
No matter what, I have always and will always love Our Journey Through LIFE!

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