Friday, March 8, 2013

Driver’s, Start, Your, Engines!

Yep, it’s that time of year!

Did you watch the Daytona? If you didn’t you probably heard about or saw on the news that horrific wreck in the Nationwide series. Amazing and thankful more weren’t hurt.

Your might remember the 2011 race was to be the last time we have go to the race in Phoenix. Since the schedule change with it becoming the 2nd race of the season, it no longer worked for us. The handicap seating on the 4th level of the stands is open on the back allowing wind to whip right through you. I just can’t do that cold stuff anymore. Plus the only way to not wait in a line for an hour to get down is to leave around 10 laps to go. Talk about sacrifices! Also by checking off this race it allows us to go to other tracks. So last year we did the Vegas race instead.

Well guess what, we did Phoenix again. This time a bit different but similar to how we use to back when we became season ticket holders in 1996, on the start/finish line. However it did require logistics. With a phone call and the help of a lovely rep we found seats that met my needs. Another thing it was our 35th wedding anniversary weekend! Not at all as I had dreamed but realized our relationship began with racing, has included racing throughout it’s 38 year journey,so why not? Plus Jimmie Johnson was going to drive both Nationwide and Sprint Cup cars. Since I have been pushing my limits, decided I could walk up the few steps so to not be cold. We were given permission to park my chair under the stands and up I went. (that is not me walking up those steps, I’m at my seat). The only minor problem I had was the hand rail (which is actually a fence), stopped before the top. So to allow even more independence, for the fall race I will bring a cane.













We were surprised by 4 “Grands” on Friday. Only for dinner and a stroll around the block after, but it was so wonderful. I just love Momma “K” and how well she nurtures these children. I love the growth they have achieved and how well they help each other. They are truly a family.











The Nationwide race on Saturday was hot and I don’t mean the cars on the track! Wouldn’t ya know it and yes, there was a moment that we wondered if our old seats wouldn’t have worked? NAY! The elevator problem alone ended that question. And it wasn’t really that hot, only 80 and the breeze kept it manageable. Along with sun screen, jacket for shade and ice packs!


All worth it to be right where the action is! Here, I’ll show you where our old seats were…


They served their purpose but it’s time to move on. Just because some end up with disabilities that creates limits, doesn’t mean ya miss out, ya just find a way and that’s how we roll!


Kyle Bush won the Nationwide race and my first time in 10 years that I could watch it all!

Sunday during Sprint Cup I even got to watch driver introductions. Ok, I have actually been on the other side of the fence and many times had the opportunity to give them a high 5 as they walked by, but not from my seat or without the help of the big screen or the Fanview for a long time.

Back In 2009…

2561_1104949388190_2350738_n2561_1105039070432_6586824_nmarkWalk the Line







(These last two pictures were on the cover of the NASCAR magazine. That’s me in the directors chair)

So to be back where it all started for us was a blessing. The excitement, the fans, the racing, from down in front was wonderful!


Chalk up another awesome experience at the races for Our Journey Through LIFE!!

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