Friday, February 22, 2013

Catching Up!

Well, that was interesting! I’m talking about the test this morning. The pressure needed for an ultra-sound is not pleasant. There was a LOT of measuring going on and speculation the doctor will be more then likely ordering some type of MRI/Scan next. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Meanwhile, I am resting, again!

I think it’s a great time to show you some of our “Joy” of 2013 so far.


Bud sure is getting big and just loves, loves playing with his big brother. Though he has his own language, he is very talkative. I remember when big brother was this age, how fast times flies.


Remember I said the new fork lift would be easy for an 11 year to drive…


He had his first lesson and did an awesome job. Learned the basics, gas, brake, feel of the wheel and peddle, even learned how to back up. Great job, Bug!








I love my grandma dayz, every Wednesday during the school year! Most days I pick them up. Some days we go to the library (something new now that we all have our cards), maybe some shopping, but mostly homework.
We have gun control…I’m not a fan per say, they scare me. But what boy doesn’t like a B-B gun!





So you see, my husband was taught at an early age the responsibilities and respect for a b-b gun, so his boys were taught it at about the same age as did the older “Grands”. There are strict rules when it comes to the B-B gun and they are enforced! Now Bud has decided he wants to learn too! Still quite a bit to young so when brother wouldn’t share his gun, cause he knows the rules, Bud went and picked up the girls. He was insistent and I just had to see how he would handle it. I was impressed. He followed exactly what his brother did, like “See, I know how!” Still he must wait his time for actual b-b’s! We pretended to load it, he thought he shot it, although it was brother who shot his at the same time making the target go ding! He was pleased with himself and that was enough. His strut after surely showed how proud he was of himself being such a big boy!


He has been working on the hot wheels lately. Up till last week it was backwards. He discovered how to make it go forward and just jibber jabbers with excitement.


How does one get shingles and tarps off the roof in preparation of it getting repaired? You send up an 11 year old! Now I was not tickled pink at all, but he was excited to help and listen very carefully to his grandfathers directions. I made sure I was along side on the ground, ready to catch him if needed. Right, like that would have worked! He was fearless. Once up he yells down, “Woo, I’m on the roof, this is cool!” While dragging one of the tarps he was startled by a cat running out from underneath. Other then that, he performed his job perfectly. I don’t think he is afraid of heights like grandma!





We made a trip over to Gilbert to spend the weekend with 3 other “Grands”. Mom “K” and “D” went to visit family so it was just the 6 of us all weekend.

Friday was her Father/Daughter Sweetheart Dance so I watched her get her hair done at the salon. She picked the style from the book and kept it in her lap, making sure the gal knew exactly what she wanted. When she got home, she tells me, ”Do you know how long it took me to take out all the pins, 45 minutes!” I told her I’m sure it did, but that’s the cost of beauty some times. Then she tells me, “It was the best dance of my life!” “I dance all night!” Too cute.

  062     066     071

My sons camera broke just before it began so he didn’t get pictures of him and her dressed. However there was a photographer there that did take their picture so will just have to wait on those.

Saturday we took the gang to the Children’s Museum of Phoenix. They had such a good time, as did we! Although our dancing beauty said her leg’s hurt from all the dancing the night before, once she knew got there, she completely forgot all about it, LOL!





Daddy even climbed up the BIG tree like structure that went up 3 stories. But the scarf tubes held their attention the longest. We soon realized if we didn’t encourage checking out something else they would have stayed there for hours. Daddy tells me, “I think I can make this in my garage.” I wouldn’t be surprised. While your at it make me some of these, LOL!

   329     331     332     334
What I loved the most well beside watching these kids have a time of their lives, was the ample seating for adults to be able to sit while watching them play for hours. Everything was designed for their own creative need. With proper tools, no directions were needed, they pretty much just knew what to do. Though we didn’t have a little one with us this trip, they do have a number of baby rooms, designed just for them. We will surely make a trip here again, well worth it.



I went on a photo shoot with my daughter. Actually she was to drop off Bud abut I asked if it would be ok to come along. Would get me out and about and Bud and I can explore while she works. It was decided I will do it more often. She really enjoyed having a second set of hand and someone to entertain the kids between shoots. No problem, would LOVE to!

Oh and our Girl Scout Brownie…


Asked grandpa if she could have a box from the shop. Of course grandpa wanted to hear why she needed it. “I thought we could cut it here and I can decorate it and add a strap so it’s like the guy’s at the races.” So he did and she did and guess what? She won 1st place! With it came $100 for a pizza party for her Troup and it earned her Troup the honors of singing the National Anthem at the Diamondback/Dodger game in March. I am so going to do my best to feel up to going. I don’t want to miss it. What a memory for her for life!




That pretty much covers most the updates on Our Joyful Journey Through LIFE!


As I type the “Grand” that completes the 8 will soon be in the air on her way here for a visit.

Joy, Joy, Joy, down to my toes!

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