Friday, February 1, 2013

“Here We Go Round'n Circle’s!”

I’m sure you’ve all heard the news about the flu season and boy is it a bugger! Wash, wash, wash and lot’s of anti-bacterial wipes and lotion is a MUST! Even then you are not guaranteed success, not even with a vaccine. Me and my home had been together for over a month so I did not spread the germs or get attacked by them again. So blessed that I have that ability. I can’t imagine how a working parent would manage. My thoughts and prayers to you that must be out in this crazy world.

Our belated Christmas was wonderful!
There were no fancy dresses or prearranged agenda, we just had fun and enjoyed our time together. Every gift required participation with another child or parent. At one point we had 3-4 activities going at one time. From painting, and building cars, to looming, and even some cookie decorating to name a few. Though I did receive a new card for my camera, (so hoping for a new camera, but knowing the unexpected was going on, I totally understood) it’s one of the wifi kind so I don’t have to ever download photos again I only took a handful of photos. I was having to much fun with the “Grands”!

Grandpa received a new forklift for Christmas.

Not a planned gift at all but our 15-year-old beast decided it was time to retire. Not bad for a used one, so why not see what’s available. We saved tons of money! This one is so much fancier than the first, but hey 11 years have gone by and we all know how technology has changed over that time, and at a high rate of speed to boot. I’m in LOVE with the backup beeper. With eight “Grands”  safety is important. Hubby’s enjoying all the upgraded features. He came in the other night with a grin said, “Having headlights is cool.” Bet you’re thinking he can work later. Not really, it’s earlier. Our salt delivery arrives at 6 a.m. and during the winter it’s dark.
It also has power steering which will make it easier for Bug to learn how to drive. DID I JUST WRITE THAT! Seriously this boy is ready. Not for a car or anything like that but I think he’s ready to start learning the forklift. Grandpa even agrees and with the new lift I see it definitely happening. I probably have yearly pictures of him on the forklift as I have the lemon tree.
So much for my new car though, imagine a sad face typing away. As I try to do when things like this pop up is find the silver lining. The money used will become available again in a year, that giving me more time to tuck away even more, plus more time to decide what. I’ll try to remember this topic for a future post, “The Journey of  Buying Your LAST New Car”. Or something like, “The Journey of Buying Your Last Car, DEBT FREE”. It’s not like I need a new car. I rarely drive, but my 2002 Explorer is getting up there in mileage.
Back to the present, with the new year came the return of the flu…really! Another 2 weeks of no life. I did manage to squeeze in a few things.
It meant the annual picture of Bug and the lemon tree wasn’t on his actual birthday.

January 2003 1st

Seems years 2 & 3 aren’t readily available.
Great, now that will bug me until I know exactly exactly where they are!
 January 2006 4th  January 2007 5th  January 2008 6th  January 2009 7th
January 2010 8th   January 2011 9th  155

Last year being silly we asked him what are we going to do next year, you don’t have 11 fingers. So for the month before his birthday the talk was about how to do the picture. I’m in LOVE with what he came up with. In case your new to my blog, his Great Poppy George planted this tree for him when he was a baby. He died 6 months later.
The next weekend was spent doing yard work. For the last couple years we have watched the family of turkey’s next door grow. Lately they have been waddling into our back area.
Well, we now know why. It seems one of the turkeys has laid her eggs in a really odd place. The 2 “Grands” that live in town started 4-H this year and are going to journal the journey. Everyday she is checked on. From what we have researched…
Natural Hatching Tips
It’s best to have your hen sit in a secure area. Many times the hens will seek a quiet place to make a nest, such as a bush or brush pile, which makes them easy targets for predators, especially at night. After the hen hatches her brood, we move them all to a “maternity” pen for at least the first two months. The maternity area is covered to keep out the rain, plus it keeps the hen and her poults in a smaller area and closer together. We always put a fresh layer of sand down for each group to help prevent soil-borne diseases. Coccidiosis can be a major problem for poults raised on the ground if other poultry has occupied the area before.

Read more:

I  guess it means we’re going to need a Maternity Area for her since our neighbor said he has enough turkeys.  Best we get that accomplished this weekend since it only takes 28 days and we found her 14 days ago and have no idea when she actually nested. Stay tune,we’ll let you know how it goes. After all we really aren’t ranchers but we can learn some basics,right. Up till now we have always enjoyed the neighbors livestock and none of the work. Times they are a changing around here though! A vegetable garden, plans for rabbits and goats with 4-H, now turkeys! FUN times ahead!
Trials are still being fought but we have faith they too will work out in Gods plan. Faith, that is what gets us through one thing and onto the next.  What ever the outcome, we know it his plan and we will grow in his direction. In the process we will continue to enjoy the journey.

Did I tell you all that our Fireman son is finally back on a truck? AMEN. I have always believed in the power of pray and he is a perfect example of how strong Gods direction is. He has a leg, he’s alive, and back doing what he loves. He has his children. He overcame and stood strong, kept faith and God by his side and conquered a path others said was impossible. Thank you all who participated in the pray chain for our family. God is good, you were great! Though not out of the woods, more challenges ahead, we won’t stress on them now. God has given us so much in life and we will continue to live each day in his glory. Our Journey Through LIFE is in His hands!

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  1. I really like you Lemon Tree photos..very cool! The flu is a real bugger this year..many people I know that got it struggled a month or more. I hope you recover soon:)


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