Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What Happens in Vegas…


A sand storm as we drove in…








The winds have been terrible! Shortly before we saw the wall of sand, there was a BIG flashing sign warning of blowing sand ahead. Then we saw it! I was not thrilled we had to drive through it. Honestly, it freaks me out. Thankfully it was narrow, maybe a few hundred feet before we were out the other side, but you just never know how dense it will be or long you will be driving through it.

We only had one other hiccup on the way in but as it turns out, us missing an exit was for the best. Less surface streets coming in as we did and no airport traffic either. WIN! WIN!


Our view for the next 5 days.

Do you unpack your suitcase? I do! Hubby not so much. Once settled in we headed down to check out the convention happenings. He was suppose to have a meeting this afternoon. By the time we found our bearings and location, it was almost over.


During our 5 hour drive, listening to NASCAR on Sirius, they’re talking all about the race’s that will be running this weekend in VEGAS! We have known this all along. So it wasn’t a surprise. We  just felt our schedule wouldn’t accommodate it and I accepted it. However, we have had a few adventures that took us close to something once before, like the Grand Canyon, but never got to see it. I mentioned how this trip reminded me of it and a couple others. I just tell myself someday, add it to the bucket list and move on. Eventually we get back to those places and see what ever it was we were anxious to see or do before. I must be patient now, because when we do make it back for the race, it won’t be during business time but our time which would make it even better.

After we finished up with the convention stuff, we decided to take a drive out to the track. Just to check it out and all.


The winds were terrible. We thought maybe we could fit a dirt track race in, but not if this wind continues. So we stopped at the track store to check it out just in case. While he went to see about the tickets, I was browsing the gift shop. Shortly I was summoned to the ticket window upon where I am asked to pick seats for the Nationwide race on Saturday. Seriously! The sneak had it planned all along. Well at least he was hoping he could pull it off that is. He would have bought me Sunday tickets if I wanted. We talked it over and agreed the Saturday race would be great. I had wondered if he had something up his sleeve when we checked in at the hotel. He asked the desk clerk if we would be able to stay an extra night or two. Part of me was hoping he would figure it out if it was a possibility. I knew we weren’t here for NASCAR, we were here for business. But I was hopping! I am very HAPPY! Not only to see the race but his last meeting on Friday gets out in time for Qualifying and looks like we just might make a trip to the NEON Garage as well.

That’s what happened in Vegas today! Tomorrow our daughter and her family arrive.While her and dad do the business, me, her hubby and the grand’s will explore.


The news just said estimated gust at 65 mph. I believe it!

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