Friday, March 2, 2012

Not on Track!

More like we are not at the track!

Since 2005

WOW Phoenix at Night

And the inauguration of the first night race at PIR (Phoenix International Raceway), we had not missed a race to what we called the spring race. Till now!

Last year they changed the date and is now the 2nd race of the year. Which means it is not spring anymore. Which means COLD! And I don’t do well in cold weather.  Oh, and it is not a night race either.

SO as I watched practice on T.V., in my home for the first time in like ever, I can’t help but miss what use to be our norm.

Our 1st time RVing it and loved it!

Though we had been going to PIR since 1996, 2005 was the 1st year we were going to be RV’ing it. We enjoyed it so much that we upgraded and added a site for the November race.



I got meet Kenny Schrader and Greg Biffle.

DSC01252ed DSC01251ed

Look how close we got to Jeff and Jimmie…


But what I will miss the most, the years the grand’s began to come.


Our grand Bug was turning 5 and he wanted to go the races when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. More seats were added and it became a regular thing.

Granma and Granpa with AnthonyAmber and the Kids before doing the MidwayDSC06559DSC06764


Serena's viewLillian, Ellie and Anthony enjoying grandma cookiesEllie race ready

Besides the grand’s, my brother and his family would came down as well.

Bill, Bryan, Tina and I in Victory lane after our Hot Laps for the Troops


I got to meet Jimmie Johnson…AWESOME! Just not very good pictures of me though.


We held our one and only Easter egg hunt at the track.

Phoenix April 2009 268Phoenix April 2009 269Phoenix April 2009 270Phoenix April 2009 271Phoenix April 2009 272Phoenix April 2009 273a


Phoenix April 2010 156edPhoenix April 2010 202ed

If only she knew how many people thought she was so cute sleeping during the races

Phoenix April 2010 059ed


Phoenix Feb 2011 091Phoenix Feb 2011 116Phoenix Feb 2011 153

You can see here how cold it was. A hat under a hood still didn’t work. And it was a wool hat!

Phoenix Feb 2011 071

I am thankful though to be watching practice from my home, as it is very COLD and WINDY outside and I know it wouldn’t have been pleasant for me.

This change did not affect the year, just the season. We will continue to go for the fall races. Besides, we have 2 RV spots for that race and can host more guest. It also frees  up funds to go to a different race…now I just have to decide which one!


  1. How Fun! Reminds me of when my dad went to the races at Infineon every year until it got to be too hard on him. What a great memory for the grandkids as well. They are so lucky to have you!

  2. Change happens and sometimes it messes people up. Wonder why they changed it to when it's still cold? You'd think people would be more apt to go in the spring! Sorry for your disappointment and glad you stayed where it's warm, which is a good idea!



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