Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lent Progress

So far so good.

How are you doing?

Tomorrow will be one week since logging into Facebook. Before logging out I set my notification so my phone wouldn’t remind me of status updates. I must admit, I cheated the other day and posted a picture from my phone of our granddaughter. I did not officially log on and at the time felt it was harmless, but boy has it bugged me. So I will try extra hard not to be tempted again.

Then today in my email I receive this…

“Hi Elizabeth,

Here's some activity you may have missed on Facebook.”

27 notifications


Then it tempts you more…

“These friends have posted statuses, photos and more on Facebook.”

And they not only list who but a picture to coax you to click the link.

And below that…

“You have missed some popular stories:”

Again with intriguing temptations like so and so commented on so and so’s photo, so and so “like’s” this or that. So and so tagged you here and there, or so and so shared a link.

How private is Facebook?

Not very if they know in less then a week I haven’t logged on and want me back on!

This subject just clicked on a light bulb for a post: Social Networks and How Unsocial One Can Become!

By the time Our Saviors Resurrection will be celebrated, I will probably be tempted again with more emails, or like from my nephew last night, posting to my wall about the races, but now I know what they are and will not open them. I foresee probably 200+ notifications by then. Next year I will need to check out the setting more or deactivate it completely. I wonder, when you do that, do you lose all you stuff?

As for my Days of the Week:

Wednesday – Had my grandma day. Had a few talks with my kids. Meant to call a dear friend but time got away from me. (tomorrow definitely)
Thursday – I don’t get to sleep in. It’s just not in my body clock I guess. I did shut down and turned in an hour earlier then usual. Which makes me wake up an hour earlier. Maybe I should just fill that hour with extra pray!
Friday – A food of my choice…unfortunately me and food are not very happy with each other these day. (on a good note, I have lost over 60 lbs., much needed I might add) So when I have an appetite for something, it’s like a miracle. But I do crave, and it is not good for me AT ALL, chocolate or salt, So this Friday I ate no chocolate.
Saturday – Trimming tree’s is definitely physical activity and it took more then an hour. I of course had other ideas for this time, but my hubby and his new tool won.
Sunday – Of course I celebrated a day of worship, just not at our church. Hopefully I can remedy this next week. For me it’s not about Sunday since my body doesn’t really care what day of the week it is. Maybe I will switch up Saturday with another day this next week so the physical activity doesn’t interfere with it. We’ll see how I feel.
Monday – No shopping, not even browsing or searching for anything, to buy that is. Looking for Easter idea’s was another thing!
Tuesday – With a 16 month old hooked on Elmo, a hubby who has his “special” programs, I knew this one would need compromise. So I gave myself quite time a few hours throughout the day.
Even our grands are with it, offering a number of different things. I’ll wait for another time to share theirs.

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