Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Bridge Over Time

I LOVE road construction!
I could analyze as to why, which is one of my OC habits, but the truth is my FIL was teamster and drove those BIG trucks which not only fascinated me, but my boys. Back when they were little, and during an off day where the park just wasn’t cutting it, we would watch the BIG trucks work.
Over time we would see bare land become highways.  So when we were in Las Vegas back in March of 2008, knowing we seem to get there often (no we don’t have a gambling problem, it’s a great place for conventions), we saw this going on, I just had to capture it.
The new bridge
It was such a large project that these signs were up at different sites. All had different company’s and expiration dates depending on the work or stage.
Then it bends around and aroundThe begininning of the new road


In the beginning there wasn’t a lot to see though. A road here and there with dirt approaches but the bridge is what amazed me.
Look up and you can see the men working!
Dec 2009
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His dad drove a truck like this sometimes.

NASCAR Awards weekend 018NASCAR Awards weekend 030NASCAR Awards weekend 031

Feb 2012
Once again we headed to Vegas for a meeting. This time we drove up the 93 just so we could cross the new bridge. Knowing how high it is, I was kind a spooked. When you’re crossing it, you really can’t tell how high you are. At least going north you can’t. Or it might have been because I was clicking away. When I edited my photo’s, I thought I didn’t catch any on the bridge because you can’t tell from the pictures either that you are on a bridge this high.
   This is only the approach to the bridge. You can see Lake Mead from this smaller bridge.


This is starting to go across the bridge. None of my picture came out. Either blurred by going 65 mph. or a wall that doesn’t let you see down.

Look at the top of the bridge. You can see people walking across it. Yep! I so wanted to do it. The pictures of the dam alone would be awesome. However, when we checked out how, there were to many steps to climb from the side we were on. Luck has it we are going back next week for the actual convention and plan to check out the other side. Is there a pedestrian crossing on both sides or just one? I didn’t notice. We’ll soon find out.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the building of this great bridge.

Our path has a few bridges just  like this one. Big, strong,  bridges spanning deep or wide gaps, whose route otherwise would zig-zagged up and down the mountain's in our life. In order for us to go back to places or people in our lives, we just needed a better route. Those bridges are the ones that took the most time to build. It took many people, from start to finish. There might have been delays for one reason or another. But in the end, you have a better way of getting from one place to another, through one thing or another.

No more steep winding roads to travel, at least not across those mountains.

Now we have a better route in Our Journey Through LIFE!

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