Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yet Another Day of Sights

I forgot to tell what we did with Bella when the places we were going don’t allow dogs. She went to her very first doggy day care. A first for us too and couldn’t have been more pleased. At first she didn’t know what to think, tail between her legs kind of timid. Once they threw a ball she was cool with them and them her. If you are in the Denver area, check out Tenaker.


Once she was dropped off we headed to the Capitol. We also wanted to do the U.S. Mint but that requires reservations. Oh well, next time.


The Capitol is absolutely beautiful. When we learned we could go up to the dome, I was determined to do it. Problem, it was 99 steps up! Hubby chose to stay with “Punky” and we headed up the first 38 steps.


Once in the attic there was a lot of history to see. One thing caught our eye so we asked some questions and learned that the dome in the senate hearing room caused echoing so they boarded over it. The reason they have an opening to inside the boarded dome and boards on the floor is to lower the chandelier for cleaning.




Yep, I made it up the last 61 steps…




The view down the dome to the first floor…

The view up and from the first floor.




There is even another staircase to another level but it will never be opened.






In there stair well you can see how thick the original building was. Once down we met up with grandpa and “Punky” and headed around to the side where the Mile High medallion is ….


Lunch was at the Bass Pro Shops awesome Outdoor World. Since we needed lunch and we needed a tent why not!


We watched the guy clean the tank…


“Punky” is so her fathers child. They love lemons! I love the pucker they produce.


After lunch we wandered through the store. Grandpa and “Punky” enjoyed the big fish tank while dad played at the shooting arcade.


We never did find a tent, and they had a lot to chose from, just not on sale and nothing in the clearance. But “Punky” got a bird that chirps. She loves it!

After we picked up Bella from daycare, we dropped them off at their house and headed back to camp. Of course we had our visitors when we got back.


Once rested from our wonderful day,we headed over to babysit so the parents could go out on a date. Punky really liked Chinese food. “The Boy” wasn’t feeling to good. He had come home from school sick.

Next up, a little girls 1st Birthday!

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