Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Exploring Some More

This time with our son and “Punky”.1276
Once our son found direction to the go-carts we were off.

Divers Meeting is important

Punky enjoyed her freedom to check things out.

Dad and Grandpa are ready for the green flag!

Just after a few laps the caution flag was thrown. Not for an accident though. Hubby was having a hard time breathing.
Son looking back to see if dad was ok…130013011305
“Punky”was curious too!

It only looks like he dad was winning…actually he only made a few more laps before it happened again. That pretty much ended the race.
Next was Golden to tour the Coors Brewery.
It was bound to happen, my batteries died in my camera just as we arrived at Coors. In order to get the pictures I did I had to turn the camera on and off, but eventually that stopped working too.  We meant to stop on the way back to camp, but then our sons Lovie offered to stop to get the hamburgers and hotdogs to BBQ, but forgot to request batteries also. No problem. After dinner the evening was spent playing in the meadow with Bella, watching the dear, enjoying the campfire before calling it a day.

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