Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another Day of Sights

And by no means for sore eyes.

We will never grow tired of our regular visitors…


Today we are heading towards Boulder. Not sure where we were going to stop.


Once in Boulder…we never saw any signs for points of interest. Not that they didn’t have any, just we never saw them. So we stopped at a Ranger’s Station and they recommended a awesome drive that would provide lots of fall color. We needed gas for this drive so instead of going the way they directed, we reversed it. Later will would learn why they recommended the other way.

Just out side Pinewood Springs and before Estes Park we come upon…

10811082So we had to check it out. The program available during the summer was perfect for our Grand's. Hubby talked with the Ranger and acquired all the information we will need for such an adventure.1085

We had lunch at Estes Park which is right outside the Rocky Mountain National Park.We chose not to enter the park and save some wonders for when the family is all with us.


As we continued on our drive, just past it’s intersection, right on the corner,these guys or gals, were just taking a rest…checking out the people…not a care in the world.


We hadn’t gone much further when I just yelp, YOU NEED TO STOP! Ok, one doesn’t say something so urgent without a reaction. Thankfully he was just as excited to see what I saw.


Finally we get to see that fall color. We also realized why we were to come up the other way. Climbing up the mountain of color is better then going down. Thankfully hubby would stop so I could capture it.



In case of flooding…isn’t it common sense! I guess someone didn’t know what to do, sued because there wasn’t  a warning, LOL, so signs were made. Honestly that didn’t happen, at least not to my knowledge. We just thought they were kind of funny.




This section was the most vibrant. Can you imagine what it must have looked like a week later. Living in the desert, fall color, like this is not seen. With the open range we would even wonder how it felt for the settlers. How did they ever decided on a certain claim.”But honey, what’s over that mountain?’

Some left behind remnants of why they came to these parts…


Traveling on…



We seem to find some interesting things back roading it…146ed142ed143ed121412151213159ed168ed174ed1245

The lake at the dam was beautiful.


It appears as if entering this tunnel, Denver was on the other side. No, I just didn’t see anything else to capture while going 65 miles an hour once out of the canyon. We were on the back side of our round trip, traffic, city life really doesn’t please me. But in order to experience the great stuff we must weigh through some not so good stuff. 


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